Connect with Duke Rec & PE anytime, anywhere.

All Rec & P.E. program registration, lap swim reservations, and membership purchases can be made on MyRec. To access registration, individuals must log in to the MyRec Web Portal. This is done via your Duke NetID (Duke University affiliates) or by creating a Duke OneLink account. Instructions for how to navigate MyRec, as well as set up a OneLink, can be found below..

  1. Visit the MyRec Web Portal.
  2. Click on LOG IN button (top-right).
    1. A new TAB will open to Duke’s OneLink page.
  3. Log with your Duke NETID or valid OneLink account.
  4. Browse to find the Program you are interested. In this case, we clicked on the Aquatic’s Lifeguard Certification Course.
  5. After reading the description, SCROLL DOWN to see when the Program is Offered.
  6. Find the time and location that fits your schedule and click REGISTER.
    NOTE: The system will apply any Membership discounts to the price, so you will always see the lowest price available to you.
  7. IF ASKED, click on the appropriate Family Member you want to register.
  8. IF ASKED, please read the waiver carefully. SCROLL DOWN and click the AGREE AND SIGN box.
  9. A Signature Capture box will appear. Please sign the waiver in the space provided.
  10. Click SAVE.
  11. Click SIGN NOW.
    NOTE: Depending on the Waiver, it may not be possible to Decline Signing in order to complete registration.
  12. IF ASKED, please ADD/DELETE current Emergency Contact information.
  13. Click CONTINUE.
  14. IF ASKED, please answer any questions.
    NOTE: Some questions may be required to answer in order to continue.
  15. Click ADD TO CART.
  16. Verify that the correct Program has been added.
  17. Click CHECKOUT to proceed to pay online via Duke University’s CyberSource eCommerce Portal
  1. Sign into MyRec
  2. In MyRec, click on your photo (top-right)
  3. Select PROFILE
  5. On the registration you want to cancel, click the MORE symbol (3 dots) at the far-right
  7. CONFIRM cancellation
  1. Visit the MyRec Web Portal.
  2. Click on SIGN UP button (top-right).
    1. A new TAB will open to Duke’s OneLink page.
  3. Click REGISTER HERE to register a new account.
  4. Fill the required information.
  5. Click SUBMIT.
  6. When the account is approved, you will receive an automated email.
    NOTE: This email could take up to 3 minutes to arrive in your inbox.
  7. Follow the provided link to activate the account.
  8. Select either an External Account OR creating a new Username and Password to register account.
  9. Confirm registration (in this example, an Existing Google Account).
  10. Receive confirmation.

Please note that this is only necessary IF an account is already created through any means other than the MyRec (i.e. the Library, OIT, etc.)

  1. Visit the MyRec Web Portal.
  2. Click on LOG IN button (top-right).
  3. A new TAB will open to Duke’s OneLink page.
  5. The box will expand, allowing you to enter your valid OneLink account information.
  6. You will see the “Attention OneLink Users” error box ONLY if you have a valid OneLink account that is NOT registered to be used with the MyRec Web Portal.
    NOTE: Any Username/Password errors, will be communicated through the Duke Log In page.
  7. After carefully reading the message, please click the link to the Duke’s Recreation Center Community page.
  8. On the new page, SCROLL DOWN and click the JOIN THIS GROUP button.
    CRITICAL: Wait at least one minute for the process to be completed.
  9. Return to the MyRec Web Portal by clicking the link in the description box (top right).
  10. Click on the LOG IN button and proceed to log in with your OneLink account.