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Brodie Recreation Center continues to be closed until further notice. View more details here.


Maria Finnegan, Fusion Fitness Instructor: "We had several students from DKU enroll in P.E. courses this fall semester. In this particular Fusion Fitness course, we had 8 students (one is not pictured in the photo, she was absent).  This particular group was so enthusiastic, eager to learn, and worked so hard....I just had to feature them as a student spotlight all together. This class became a really tight group. Lots of friendships formed over the semester."

Yidan Mao: "I would say this PE class is one of my most precious experiences at Duke and this is also the most special PE course I’ve ever taken. It is Maria who made this course special. The well-designed work out plan, the encouraging and relaxing class atmosphere, and especially, Maria’s passion and involvement to this course and her smile save me from my stressful coursework, making me enjoy the pleasure of sweating, alleviating my mental pressure and giving me the courage to face my other four intellectually-stimulating courses including two graduate level math courses."

Nimo Yu: "Throughout this course, I've acquired extensive knowledge about various movements and their specific muscle targets. Additionally, it has instilled in me the habit of frequenting the gym even on days when we don't have PE classes. This class has not only made my workouts enjoyable but has also contributed significantly to maintaining a positive mindset."

Jingyi Wang: "Our PE class has definitely made my experience at Duke a lot more enjoyable. It is the most joyful class that I am taking at Duke. Instructor Maria is full of positive energy. I am inspired by her positive energy to be happy. Even though I am stressed out by my other courses, I feel relieved and loved in Maria's class. Also, exercising should be an important part in students' life. This class involves quite a bit of workout. It is a good and fun way to exercise myself."

Chenshuhao Qin: "I've developed a personalized workout in this course ensure both healthy eating and effective exercise in Duke. I think exercise has already become an integral part in my life."

Yihua Zhong: "This PE class plays a different role than any other PE classes I've taken.  For the first time, I felt this kind of positivity brought by not just the class but also the instructor.  It was my first time studying in an American college, and I'm taking all the challenging courses. It was amazing to me that every time I got out of our Fusion Fitness class, I felt better from the depression and anxiety of my other courses.  I rarely have seen an instructor with such passion in life and in teaching. Thank you Maria for making this semester a lot better for me."


Image Credit: Duke Recreation & Physical Education