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Duke Rec & P.E.'s Intramural Sports program has embarked on a transformative journey, evolving to embrace the world of adaptive sports. What started with the introduction of an Adaptive Open House has now become a celebration of inclusivity, with the commitment to adaptive sports shining through events like the Seated Volleyball Tournament. The dedication of Duke Recreation & Physical Education to foster diverse and inclusive programming has reached a new standard and the Intramural Sports program will continue to offer adaptive sport activities to its members. Today, Intramural Sports is thrilled to announce the next milestone in this journey — the eagerly awaited Wheelchair Basketball Tournament.

History of Adaptive Sports:

The history of adaptive sports is a testament to the resilience and determination of individuals facing physical challenges. Emerging as a response to the needs of wounded veterans after World War II, adaptive sports became an integral part of rehabilitation. The movement gained global recognition with the establishment of the Paralympic Games, showcasing the incredible athleticism of athletes with disabilities. This rich history aligns seamlessly with Duke Rec & P.E.’s commitment to inclusivity, as we continue to build on the legacy of adaptive sports within our campus community.

Intramural Sports Wheelchair Basketball Tournament:

Get ready for the next chapter in our adaptive sports journey! The upcoming Wheelchair Basketball Tournament promises to be a thrilling event, bringing together participants from all walks of life. More than just a competition, this tournament symbolizes Intramural Sport’s dedication to breaking down barriers and fostering a community where everyone can actively engage in the joy of sports. Be part of the excitement and mark your calendars for a celebration of diversity through the spirit of athleticism.

How to Get Involved:

Ready to take part in this inclusive movement? Registration for the Wheelchair Basketball Tournament is now open on IMLeagues to all Duke Rec & P.E. members. ALL ABILITIES ARE WELCOME! Whether you're a seasoned player or new to adaptive sports, everyone is encouraged to participate and experience the camaraderie this event promises. Sport Chairs will be provided, if needed. Let's make this tournament a true representation of the strength found in our diverse community.

As we reflect on the journey from an adaptive sport open house to the upcoming Wheelchair Basketball Tournament, Duke Rec & P.E.’s commitment to inclusivity stands stronger than ever. We've witnessed the success of seated volleyball, and now, with the anticipation of the wheelchair basketball tournament, we're taking another leap forward. This is more than just sports; it's a celebration of diversity, breaking boundaries, and creating an inclusive campus community. Join us in this journey of inclusivity, where sports serve as a powerful medium to unite us all.

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Image Credit: Duke Recreation & Physical Education