Fitness & Wellness Frequently Asked Questions

What Fitness & Wellness programs are available?
We will be offering a few limited, in-person programs as well as several virtual options throughout the semester. In-person offerings will be held outdoors weather permitting. This includes nightly group fitness classes, as well as a Bootcamp, held on the K-Ville lawn. Should inclement weather occur, classes held outdoors will move inside with continued social distancing and face masks will be required. Additional information regarding all program offerings can be found on MyRec and our social media pages as details become solidified.

Personal Training is another program being offered both in-person and virtually. Both styles require a Rec & P.E. membership, and can be requested online via the Personal Training Request Form.

Is registration required? When can I register?
Yes! You must register for all programs, both virtual and in-person, ahead of time through the MyRec Portal. Registration opens 24 hours in advance. Space is limited for in-person classes to 18 people per class so that proper social distancing can be attained.

Is there a penalty if I do not show up or cancel my registration on time?
Yes! If you do not show up or cancel at least 1 hour prior to class time for in person classes it will be documented in our registration system. After 3 no-shows you will be suspended from registering for 10 days. 

Do I have to wear a mask while participating in Fitness & Wellness programs?
No mask will be required for classes or sessions held outside of Wilson, though participants should wear one leading up to the start of class. Masks will be required should any outdoor class or activity get moved indoors due to inclement weather.

How will social distancing protocol be enforced in Fitness & Wellness programs and spaces?
There is a 18 participant maximum capacity for outdoor classes. Participants are asked to be mindful of the CDC recommended 6-12 feet of space between themselves and other individuals.

How will spaces and equipment be sanitized?
For in-person group fitness classes, we will restrict use of equipment to yoga mats and blocks. They will be cleaned with the help of participants before and after each use. Participants are able to bring in personal equipment but will be asked to sanitize equipment before use in Rec & P.E. spaces.

Will fitness equipment be available for check-out? Can I bring my own equipment from home?
We will not be offering fitness equipment for check out at this time. You may bring your own mat to class and we encourage that. You will be required to clean it before and after participating in classes.

Where can I find workout ideas if I'm unable to visit Wilson?
We are regularly adding workouts and more on Duke Recreation & Physical Education's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts (@dukerec). If you have ideas of things you would like to see, please let us know through our social platforms or email