Rec & P.E. Frequently Asked Questions

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When will Rec & P.E. facilities reopen?
Wilson Recreation Center will reopen for the Fall on Monday, August 23. Additional information on accessing the facility can be found on our Operating Policies page.

Who has access to Rec & P.E. facilities?
Anyone with a valid Rec & P.E. Membership will have access to in-person programs and facilities, as well as the Digital Library. Please note that you must have a valid, non-expired DukeCard to enter the facilities. For information on how to access our facilities, visit our Operating Policies page.

What recreational spaces are available for use?
Brodie Recreation Center will remain closed until January 3, 2022 as we rebuild and train staff, as well as reset the space for recreation use. All other facilities and spaces are open for use.

Will I have access to the Cohan Fields on West Campus for general open rec usage?
The Cohan Fields on West Campus are available for open rec usage when available. These fields are shared with varsity Athletics and may be sporadically offline to accommodate practices, competitions and events.

Are the East Campus Tennis Courts available for use?
The East Campus Tennis Courts are available for drop-in use and can be reserved through the online EMS system. Please note some supervised Rec & P.E. programming will still occur on these courts, which would have first priority. Learn more about programming on the MyRec Portal.

Will I be able to access Red Mango Cafe?
Red Mango Cafe is open for to-go orders only. Hours of operation can be found on their Dining Services webpage.

Do I have to wear a mask while working out?
Face masks or coverings are to be worn at all times while inside all Rec & P.E. facilities. 

What in-person Rec & P.E. programs and services will be available?
You can view and register for all available programming options through the MyRec Portal. Offerings will added and updated as they become available.

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Who can enroll in a Rec & P.E. Membership?
Memberships are currently available for purchase to Duke faculty, staff and Graduate/Professional students who are not being charged the Recreation Fee. Memberships may be purchased at anytime through the MyRec Portal.

I’m a student, do I need to enroll in a Rec & P.E. Membership?
Undergraduate students: You have been assessed the Recreation Fee through your Bursar account and will not need to purchase a membership.

Graduate students: The majority of graduate students have been assessed the Recreation Fee through the Bursar’s office or their academic program. Prior to purchasing a membership, please confirm that you do not have an active membership and that you will not be assessed the fee through the Bursar’s office.

Can my spouse, domestic partner, or children enroll in a Duke Rec & P.E. Membership?
At this time, these groups are eligible to purchase the Digital Library Access only. Memberships that provide physical access to recreation facilities and in-person programs are available to Duke faculty, staff and students only for Fall 2021.

Where do I enroll in a Rec & P.E. Membership?
How to purchase a membership:

  1. Visit your MyRec portal.
  2. Log in through the icon on the top right corner.
  3. Click on the 'Become a Member' icon.
  4. Click on the membership option you would like to purchase.
  5. To add to cart you must click the grey box first (it will turn blue), then add to cart.

The Digital Membership does not provide access to recreation facilities or in-person programs.

Are Rec & P.E. Memberships Prorated?
Yes, memberships are prorated throughout the semester. Prorations will begin approximately one month after the start of sales and will prorate bi-weekly at that point.

How do I cancel my Rec & P.E. Membership?
Rec & P.E. Memberships have a no cancellation policy. For details visit Refunds & Cancellations Policies page.

How do I renew my Rec & P.E. Membership?
Renewals of previous memberships are not currently available but we encourage you to purchase a new membership by visiting the MyRec portal.

How do I know if my membership is active?

  1. Log into your MyRec portal account.
  2. Click 'Profile' on the top right.
  3. Click 'Memberships' listed on the left.
  4. There you will see your most recent membership and can confirm the expiration date.

Who can enroll in a Rec & P.E. Membership?
Rec & P.E. Memberships that provide physical access to recreation facilities and in-person programs are available to Duke faculty, staff and students at this time. Digital Library Access is available to anyone for purchase, no Duke affiliation necessary.

I have someone visiting me, can they use the recreation centers?
We have suspended the use of guest passes for the 2021 Fall Semester.

Can my dependent who is a college student purchase a Rec & P.E. Membership while home for the summer?
We have suspended the college student membership option for the 2021 Fall Semester. College students are able to purchase Digital Library Access.

I am a Duke alumni, can I still access the Recreation Centers?
We are not able to offer memberships or 5 free visits to Alumni for the 2021 Fall Semester. Alumni are encouraged to take advantage of the Digital LIbrary Access.

What if I have a LIVE FOR LIFE membership?
For all questions regarding a LIVE FOR LIFE membership please reach out to

How much is a Rec & P.E. Membership?
For all questions regarding membership pricing please visit our Membership webpage.

Is parking included in my Rec & P.E. Memberships?
Parking is not included in a Rec & P.E. Membership. For details about parking accessibility, visit our Parking Information page or the Duke Parking & Transportation site directly.

I don’t have a parking permit, how can I park when using the Recreation Centers?
Individuals without a Duke parking permit can request a Night Permit from Duke Parking and Transportation, which allows parking in the lots around the Recreation Centers from 5pm to 7:29am on weekdays, and anytime on the weekends. Visit the Parking and Transportation website for more parking information: