Join one of the 30+ Sport Clubs for the opportunity to represent the Duke community in local, regional, national, and international competitions. Teams are formed, organized, and governed by their members and welcome both veteran athletes and newcomers. Sport Clubs operate in an inclusive environment and require no tryouts or cuts to participate. 

Participation in Sport Clubs affords individuals the ability to continue playing organized sports at a competitive level post-high school, or to try a new sport that they have always wanted to learn while representing Duke University. Each club seeks to foster exciting athletic experiences for participants of all skill levels, while fostering inclusive communities. Sport Club participants can find a sense of community, have a chance to build lifelong friendships, hone and develop their sport specific skills, and develop team-oriented leadership and transferable skills that will pave the path to a successful future. 

Any individual who is a current Duke student and/or has an active Duke Rec & P.E. membership is eligible to participate in Sport Clubs - however, individual Club governing bodies may limit sanctioned competition participation to full-time, undergraduate students.


How to Join


Fill out the Sport Club Interest Form below and indicate the Clubs you are interested in joining – the Clubs will follow up with you directly with information about practice times and locations.


Sport Clubs Interest Form

Dues & Funding

All Sport Clubs charge dues, or a membership fee, to help offset the cost of daily operations. The dues vary from year to year, can range from $50 to $1000+ annually, and are dependent on Club-established initiatives. Additional funding may be required by Club members to accommodate expenses beyond the day-to-day operations, such as: training and development, postseason assistance, Dream Trip assistance, and student scholarships.

To help keep Sport Clubs open and accessible to all current members, individuals who require financial assistance towards dues are able to apply for funding from the Gorter Endowment to be able to participate in their club of choice. 

About the Gorter Endowment

The Kevin Gorter Memorial Endowment was created by the Gorter Family to honor Kevin Gorter, who was a member of the Duke Club Ice Hockey team from 1984-1987 and President of the Duke Sport Club Council for the academic year 1986-1987. Participating in Sport Clubs was a highlight of Kevin’s time at Duke, and it is in Kevin’s honor that his family has established an endowment to promote, assist, and expand the Sport Club Program at Duke University.

Sport Club participants who are registered on DoSportsEasy are welcome to apply for financial assistance to help alleviate the cost of dues to participate in a single club. Once an application has been submitted, all identifying information is redacted, and an impartial committee comprised of Full-Time Professional Staff Members within Duke Recreation and Physical Education will review applications. Please allow 12-14 business days after your submission to receive a response from the Sport Club Office regarding the amount of financial assistance that you were awarded.

This opportunity is offered twice per academic year. The opening and closing dates for 2022 - 2023 are the following:

  • Fall 2023:
    • Open: September 11
    • Close: October 30
  • Spring 2024:
    • Open: January 18
    • Close: March 8

For information on the Gorter Memorial Endowment Scholarship, please reach out to