Group Fitness offers current Duke students and/or Rec & P.E. Members over 50 FREE classes a week for anyone seeking a structured group atmosphere to move, have fun, and build community. Classes include modifications for all fitness levels to ensure that each participant has the ability to set and meet their individual fitness goals.

Class Schedules

View the MyRec Portal for available classes and registration 48 hours ahead of the class time.

Brodie Modified Schedule

Due to an unforeseen closure related to on-going renovations, Brodie Recreation Center will be closed until further notice. A modified schedule will be in place until we reopen. Pre-registration is still required on MyRec.

2024 Summer Session 1 Schedule | May 15 - June 27

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2024 Summer Session 1 Group Fitness Schedule

Class Descriptions


Indoor cycling is an interval-based class, with both timed and rhythmic periods of work followed by active recovery. Cycling is a non-impact workout that's set to pumping music and is easily modifiable to all fitness levels.

Mountain Climb Cycle

Take a ride up an invisible mountain by doing multiple climbing drills that focus on strengthening the lower body. This type of training develops cardiovascular strength and muscular power by increasing the resistance throughout intervals.

Power Cycle

Get a quick burn during the middle of your work or school day during this optimal 30-minute cycle class. This class is designed to stay in a target power zone through several intervals to maximize your experience and workout.

Rhythm Cycle

This rhythm-based cycle class combines both fun and exercise! Enjoy the variety of songs and cycle routines that take your cycle experience above and beyond. 

Themed Cycle

This traditional cycle class is a party! Each week the theme of the music will change creating a fun atmosphere for you to cycle in.


Bollywood Zumba fuses music and movements from India’s Bollywood industry with Zumba’s Latin/Afro flare to create a fun-loving, easy-to-follow dance class. Bollywood pulls from Bhangra, Belly-dancing, and countless other traditional and modern genres of dance and music from Southeast Asia. It’s equipment-free, dynamic, and provides options for impact and intensity modifications. No dance experience necessary. Be ready to sweat and smile. 

Cardio Dance

This high-energy, instructor-led dance workout features diverse music from around the world, including pop, hip hop, latin, k-pop, bollywood, and more. Whether you're up for mastering some catchy choreo or just want to get your heart pumping with the rhythm, there's something for everyone in each class. So grab your friends, get on your dancing shoes, and let's get groovin!

Hip Hop

HipHop is a high-intensity, rhythmic dance class with follow-along choreography. All skill levels are welcomed to our blood-pulsing, beat-dropping, bass-pumping sessions. You won’t regret it! This high-energy dance-based class is accessible for all bodies and abilities.

Latin Dance

Latin dance fuses music and movements from Zumba’s Latin/Afro flare to create a fun-loving, easy-to-follow dance class.  No dance experience necessary. Be ready to sweat and smile.


A muscular endurance class that uses small equipment and bodyweight for balance and focused lower body work. This is a fun, upbeat class that focuses on postural strength and alignment with a series of upper body, lower body and core strengthening exercises. This class is high-intensity while staying low-impact but can be modified for all fitness levels.

Yoga + Core

Join us in a moderate intensity, no-impact mat workout focused on building abdominal, back, and hip strength. This class combines postures and tenants from both Yoga and Pilates practices where we use breath, body alignment, and mindfulness to build our body awareness, balance, and strength.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is a general category that includes most yoga styles. It brings peace to the mind and body, preparing the body for deeper spiritual practices such as meditation. It's relatively gentle, slow and great for beginners or students who prefer a more relaxed style where they hold poses longer.

Yoga + Meditation

This class begins with breathing exercises to center the body and mind, then moves into flowing postures that are accessible to any experience level. The class closes with a guided meditation and rest. Come reset, renew, and flow.

Power Yoga

This yoga class builds on the fundamentals of vinyasa yoga. Moving quickly, it adds options for more intense poses and low-impact strength training. Bare feet recommended; modifications offered throughout.

Vinyasa Yoga

This class will include warm-up, sun salutations, vinyasa flow, and cool down. Mindfully move your body with your breath to work toward building full body strength and flexibility. Poses will be standing, seated, and lying down. Modifications will be offered throughout the class. Bare feet (no socks) are recommended.

Cardio Kickboxing

Our Kickboxing group fitness class that combines martial arts techniques with fast-paced cardio workouts.  It uses simple 32-count choreography to punch, kick, and box to the beat. This non-contact martial arts-styled class is a great cardiovascular workout that builds in intensity as the class progresses, suitable for beginner and elite athletes alike.

Express HIIT

This is our typical HIIT class but shorter (30 minutes). Intervals using bodyweight and resistance equipment to train both your aerobic and anaerobic systems.This class is high intensity but can be modified for all fitness levels.


GetFit is a total body experience! This class incorporates strength, cardiovascular, core, and so much more! All fitness levels are welcome, no experience is required.

Muscle Pump

Muscle Pump is a total body strength training class including some muscular endurance exercises. A variety of equipment is utilized to challenge each muscle group. Come feel the burn!

Rhythm HIIT

This rhythmic workout alternates high-intensity intervals of cardio and strength in choreographed routines set to music. You’ll get lost in the beat while challenging yourself in this full-body workout. Make this workout your own using the options and modifications offered by the instructor. Athletic shoes are required and arriving promptly for a full warmup is strongly recommended.

Tabata Training

Tabata training consists of performing the same exercise through eight sets of 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest. These short intervals maximize your workout experience by combining both aerobic and anaerobic training.


Cross train combines traditional strength training with circuit training to optimize your workout! This class takes place in our Functional Training Space and utilizes a variety of equipment that differs from a normal group fitness class. Modifications will be provided so that each person can have a personalized experience.



Pre-registration is required for all Group Fitness classes and individuals can register on MyRec 48 hours prior to the start of class. Participants must check in with the instructor 15 minutes before class.

For more information on how to register, review our MyRec Help Page.

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Private Group Requests

Student and staff groups can schedule private Group Fitness classes for their friends, Quad, student organization, or even an office work group with 3 or more participants. Choose a group fitness class from among those listed on the current Group Fitness Schedule.

Location & Cost

Classes can be conducted at our place or yours (on campus only)! All classes are 45 minutes in duration.

Onsite | $50

Onsite classes refer to virtual (Zoom) classes or spaces within Wilson Recreation Center, Brodie Recreation Center, Card Gym, Kville lawn, and the Edens Fitness Studio. Rec & P.E. will reserve these spaces ahead of the private class and equipment is provided.

Offsite | $65

We can come to your residence hall, office, classroom or alternative campus space. Space must be reserved ahead of time by the person or group requesting the private class. We are not able to provide equipment for classes held offsite.



Please complete the Private Group Fitness Request Form.

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