Coordinator of Fitness & Wellness

Ever since she could walk, Emily has always been on the move. Some of her earliest memories were going on hikes and canoeing trips with her family. When she started attending elementary school, she became obsessed with recess and was one of the first kids on the kickball field. Soon, she started playing little league sports and would end up playing almost every sport by the time she graduated.

Even though she loved playing sports, lifting weights was where Emily felt the happiest. She loved the feeling of getting a new PR or pushing herself harder than she thought was possible. After she graduated high school in Fredonia, Kansas, she began her college career as a Biology and Physical Education major at Emporia State University. As she obtained her degrees, she worked as a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and a gym facilitator. Helping people achieve their fitness and health goals was even more fulfilling than achieving her own. The opportunity to become the Fitness and Wellness Graduate Assistant at ESU landed in her hands and she gladly accepted it. She was able to implement unique fitness and wellness programs that have never been done before!

Aside from work and school, Emily continued her fitness journey by competing in powerlifting competitions. One of Emily’s goals is to compete in a powerlifting meet in every state! She also enjoys everything outdoors such as camping, kayaking, and hiking with her two dogs, Kashi and Ranger.

Emily is currently the Coordinator of Fitness and Wellness at Duke Recreation & Physical Education. She was extremely excited to work for Duke and see how she could positively impact the Duke Community. Emily’s fitness philosophy is “help others live a healthier and happier life” and as long as she can do that, she is fulfilled.

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