Assistant Director of Intramural Sports

Brittany Burriss grew up in Hinesville, Georgia with her three younger siblings, Cassidy, Zachary, and Maddy. From a young age, she took on many responsibilities at home and was actively involved in various organizations, clubs, and sports. Brittany was a cheerleader, softball, and tennis player, and coached many of her sibling’s sport teams.   

While attending college at the University of Georgia, Brittany initially had a difficult transition and changed her major five times. She eventually found her passion and “home away from home” working for the Recreational Sports department. Her role as a program assistant with Competitive Sports provided the opportunity to stay connected to sports, take on leadership responsibilities, and mentor fellow students. Brittany finally decided on a major in psychology and a minor in sports management. She remained at the University of Georgia and completed her Master's in Sport Management and Policy, while also working as a Graduate Assistant for Competitive Sports.  

At Duke, Brittany oversees program planning and staffing for a wide range of intramural tournaments and leagues. She strives to create a fun, inclusive environment, while also mentoring students and furthering their development. When mentoring, she emphasizes getting uncomfortable before you can be comfortable and understanding that every individual is on a unique path of development. 

Outside of work, Brittany loves spending time with family, her pup Patch, watching her favorite sport teams, and immersing herself in the community and culture of the triangle area.  

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