Trip Resources Page

What to Expect:

  • Outdoor Adventure trips are designed for individuals with a variety of level of abilities from beginners to experts. Some trips may require previous experience. Previous swimming experience is recommended for water trips such as canoeing and stand up paddleboarding but is required for whitewater kayaking.
  • All participants must attend a mandatory pre-trip meeting (when applicable). For more technical trips, skills clinics may be required prior to the trip, for no additional charge.
  • All equipment will be provided for you; personal equipment may be used if approved by the trip leader.
  • Transportation will be provided for you unless stated otherwise.
  • Food is provided on all day and overnight trips, any allergies/dietary restrictions can be accommodated and should be communicated with the trip leader.
  • Alcohol, tobacco, and drug use are prohibited for the duration of the trip. Participants who violate these rules are subject to removal from the trip and transportation back to Duke will be at the participant’s expense.

Trip Cancellation Policies

Outdoor Programs reserves the right to cancel a program due to inclement weather, natural disasters, or extenuating circumstances. In the event a trip must be cancelled, a full trip refund will be provided. 


A refund may be given if the following conditions are met:

  • DAY TRIP: Cancellation happens 5 business days or more before pre-trip meeting date
  • OVERNIGHT TRIP: Cancellation happens 10 business days or more before pre-trip meeting


  • The participant’s empty spot is filled by another paid participant, prior to the pre-trip meeting.

Outdoor Adventures reserves the rights to not issue a refund at the discretion of program administrators.

Packing Lists

For Day Trips that include Rock Climbing, Bouldering, Hiking, and Mountain Biking

For overnight trips not water based

For water based day trips that include: SUP, Canoe, Kayaking, Rafting, and Surfing

For overnight trips that are water based