Skills Workshops

Kayak Workshops

These weekly clinics are designed to teach the basics of kayaking. With an emphasis on whitewater kayaking, the skills that are taught in these clinics are transferable to other types of kayaking. Instruction includes outfitting your kayak, exiting the kayak safely, paddle strokes and rescues.

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Lead Climbing Workshops

Our lead classes provide an introduction to indoor sport climbing. Previous climbing experience is required; participants should be comfortable climbing a 5.9 at our facility. The course will cover the basics of lead climbing including clipping quickdraws and lead belaying. We place a strong emphasis on safety and risk management including proper lead climbing falls.

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Intro to Climbing Technique

This class will introduce you to climbing technique and movement skills that will help improve your climbing.  We will provide you with an understanding of climbing movement while introducing you to various techniques that will focus on footwork and body mechanics of climbing. 

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Belay Classes

Our belay classes provide a comprehensive introduction to rock climbing. You will learn about the basic climbing concepts and practices including equipment, rope handling, knots and proper belay technique. Upon completion of the course, you will be able to take our belay check in order to receive a belay pass at our facility, allowing you to belay anytime the facility is open. Spring schedule coming soon.

Intro to Backpacking Workshop

Have you ever been interested in going backpacking, but don’t know where to start? The Intro to Backpacking workshop will cover equipment, how to pack a backpack, essentials on the trail. 

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Women's Power Hour

These weekly get-togethers are designed to create a fun and supportive environment and community of strong, passionate women climbers at Duke. Each week is facilitated by Outdoor Adventure’s own inspiring woman staff and sessions will focus on different skills, techniques, and workouts. 

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Stand Up Paddle Board Workshops

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) combines elements of surfing and canoeing to create a new and fun way to play on the water. We’ll spend the first part of the clinic teaching you the basics of paddling a SUP, and then the rest of the time will be spent paddling and practicing techniques. They will be held the first Monday of the month.

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