Outdoor Leadership Trainings

What are Outdoor Leadership Trainings? 

Our Outdoor Leadership Trainings are a collection of trips and workshops that develop leadership skills through outdoor experiences. Through these hands-on trainings you will learn valuable leadership skills such as group management, decision making, self-awareness, situational assessment, and technical skills in a variety of outdoor activities. All food, equipment, and transportation is included with registration for each training.

How do I register for Outdoor Leadership Trainings?

Outdoor Leadership Trainings are open to the Duke Community. A membership with Duke Recreation and Physical Education is not required to participate in our trainings. You can register for any of our Outdoor Leadership Trainings by visiting the Climbing Wall during open hours. Payment is required at time of registration.

Who are these trainings for?

These trainings are for anyone interested in further developing their leadership and technical skills. Some previous experience is required to participate in training trips and workshops. These trainings are also used to develop student trip leaders, although it is not required to work for Outdoor Adventures in order to participate in our Outdoor Leadership Trainings.

Fall 2018 Schedule

Trip Leader Seminar
September 9th | 9am-6pm | Falls Lake, NC
In this seminar, you will learn the skills needed to be a Trip Leader for Duke Outdoor Adventures. Topics will include group facilitation, risk management, and assessment, in addition to a variety of technical skills.

Kayak Instructor Training Workshop
September 10th | 8pm – 9:30pm | Brodie Aquatics Center, Brodie Recreation Center
This workshop will set you up to teach a variety of kayaking skills including a wet-exit, basic paddle strokes, rescues, and the kayak roll progression.

Climbing Anchors Workshop
September 27th | 6pm – 9pm | Wilson Climbing Wall, Wilson Recreation Center
This workshop will teach you the basics of climbing anchor construction. Topics will include site management and assessment, anchor materials and evaluating anchors. Emphasis will be on building natural and bolted anchors.

Whitewater Kayak Training
September 30th | 7am – 7pm | Roanoke River, NC
This training trip will provide you with instruction on leading a group down a class II-III river. Topics will include basic river hydrology, kayak strokes, and rescues. Completion of this training will set you up to successfully lead a group of beginner – intermediate paddlers.

Fall Break Backcountry Training
October 5th – 9th | Neusiok Trail + Hammocks Beach, NC
This 4-day training will teach you the basics of backcountry travel. We will be backpacking and canoe camping along the coast of NC. Participants will also complete a Leave No Trace Training Certification.

Navigation 101 Workshop
October 17th | 6pm – 9pm | Duke Gardens
This workshop will teach you the basics of map + compass and GPS navigation skills. Topics will include map reading, taking/reading compass bearings, and basic GPS use.

Rock Climbing Training Trip
November 4th | 7am – 7pm | Pilot Mountain, NC
This training will teach you the basic skills needed to properly set up and facilitate outdoor climbs. Skills learned will include anchor building, climbing site management, and basic outdoor climbing technique.

Vertical Rescues Workshop
November 14th | 6pm – 9pm | Wilson Climbing Wall
This workshop will introduce you to several climbing rescues. Participants will gain a basic understanding of climbing systems, belay escapes, and rope ascension techniques.