Sports Rules and Eligibility

Informed Consent to Participate

Participation in Duke Intramural Sports could result in physical injury to a participant; which could consist of serious and/or fatal injuries. Duke University, Duke Recreation and Physical Education, and Duke Intramural Sports assume no responsibility for injuries received during intramural participation. Participation in Intramurals is voluntary and involves inherent risk. All participants will be required to acknowledge and accept the terms of an agreement to participate prior to competition.

Alcohol and Drug Policy

The possession and use of alcohol or any other illegal drugs is prohibited at and during any intramural sports activity by participants or spectators; they will not be allowed on site. Any participant suspected to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be asked to leave the facility, and the team will risk forfeiting the game. Each team and its Captain will be responsible for assisting in the enforcement of this policy for its team members and spectators. Violators can be subject to removal from their team and the league, and, in addition, may also be removed from all sports for the semester. Violators can also be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with Duke University policy.

Inclement Weather Policy

The Intramural Sports Office will make all decisions concerning the cancellation of games based on inclement weather no later than 4pm. Teams should not assume that games will be cancelled due to rain or the possibility of a storm. A notification will be sent if and when a cancellation is made.

Roster Additions & Duke ID Card

All participants must present a Duke ID Card prior to a game in order to check-in and participate in an Intramural game. In addition, all participants must be on the team roster prior to game time. Roster additions are allowed each day up until 4pm.

Team Names & Logos

With the use of IMLeagues all teams have the ability to create their own team names and add a team logo to represent their team. The Intramural Office reserves the right to change or remove any team name or logo that is inappropriate or offensive to participants.

Team Uniforms

Pinnies will be provided for Intramural contests, although teams are permitted to wear their own uniforms. Self-provided uniforms must have a number on the front and/or back of the shirt or jersey (although both front and back of the shirt is preferred, one side of the shirt is acceptable). The Intramural Program reserves the right to disallow the use of shirts or jerseys due to improper artwork, names, or sayings.

Groups of Play

All Intramural sports offer leagues for both males and females; leagues and sports are not gender specific unless otherwise noted.  Co-Ed Leagues are offered in the majority of sports and when the number of entries allows for a league to be created.  Women’s Leagues are also created for certain sports and when the number of entries allows for a league creation.

Additionally, Groups of Play are created to meet the skill levels of teams and their participants, and only created for certain sports as the number of entries allows.  The Groups of Play are as follows:

Competitive (often referred to as “A-League”)

Competitive Leagues and/or Divisions are for the more experienced player and/or teams who desire recreation at a more competitive level; such leagues generally are for former athletes or those experienced and skilled in the sport of choice.

Intermediate (often referred to as “B-League”)

Intermediate Leagues are only available in selective sports such as Basketball, Soccer, Flag Football, Volleyball, and Indoor Soccer.  Intermediate Leagues are for teams and players that fall somewhere in between competitive and recreational; such leagues generally are for teams who may have a mixture of experienced and moderately or lesser experienced players.


Recreational Leagues are designed for the less experienced participant who wishes to play at a less competitive level.  This league is generally for players with less experience and a lower skill level in the sport of choice.

Sportsmanship Guidelines

“Winning and losing are mere outcomes of play; negative sport behavior distracts and diminishes from the satisfaction of competing, exercising, and enhancing relationships and friendships.”

Participation in Intramurals and Sportsmanship go hand-in-hand.  Good Sportsmanship is a key component of Intramurals; participants and teams are encouraged to act with proper conduct and approach an Intramural contest in a civil and sportsmanlike manner for its duration.  Intramurals Supervisors, Officials, and Administrative Staff reserve the right in making decisions to warn, penalize, grade, and/or eject participants and/or teams for poor sportsmanship.

Captains for intramural teams are responsible for the actions and decisions of their team and spectators directly related to their team, and are expected to assist in maintaining a level of good sportsmanship amongst their teammates during the course of an intramural contest.

Conduct of players and/or spectators before, during, and after a game are all directly related to the overall sportsmanship presented by a team and its players, and are held responsible for their conduct during this time.

Following each game teams will be rated on their overall sportsmanship for that contest based on the evaluation of the officials and supervisors working the game.  Sportsmanship ratings can affect a team’s overall ranking within a league, determine their playoff eligibility, and/or affect their status within a sport that could result in forfeiture, suspension or removal.

Review the Sportsmanship Guidelines for further information.

Forfeits, Defaults, and Rescheduling Policies

Communication with the Intramural Office is key when it comes to the difference between a forfeit and a default being given to a team. When a team fails to show for a scheduled game with no communication to the Intramural Office it becomes an inconvenience to not only their opponent but also the Intramural staff of officials and supervisors who have to be paid for their time when working these scheduled games. Informing the Intramural Office that your team will not be able to attend a scheduled contest helps ensure that the opponent will be informed, and valuable playing time and facility space is not wasted.

Informing the Intramural Office as soon as a team knows they will be unable to play is vastly appreciated. Although, teams have until 48 hours prior to the scheduled game time to inform the Intramural Office of their inability to attend a contest and avoid a forfeit being assessed. The 48 hour notification point gives the Intramural Office an adequate amount of time to inform opponents so that they may also have time to receive the message and inform their team that a game is canceled. If a game in this situation cannot be rescheduled the team that could not make the originally scheduled date and time will be assessed a default for the game.

For further information please review Forfeits, Defaults, & Rescheduling Policy.


  • Intramural Sports is open to all students, faculty & staff, and spouses of Duke affiliated personnel as long as the participant is a paid member of the recreation facilities and holds a current Duke ID card.
  • Participants may not play on more than one team per sport unless one of those teams is registered within a Coed League.
  • All participants playing for a team must be on a team’s roster prior to the game. Roster additions can be made daily and players are eligible to play if added before 4pm of that game night. Players not on the game sheet may be added pending approval by the Intramural Supervisor.
  • All participants must show a current Duke ID prior to game time.
  • Any player caught claiming a false ID will be suspended for that game and their next scheduled contest.  A second infraction will result in a player being suspended for the remainder of that season from all Intramural sports.
  • The Intramural Program reserves the right to investigate the eligibility of all participants. If a player is deemed ineligible this may result in forfeiture of games and/or suspension or removal of a team and/or its participants. Participants are encouraged to notify the Intramural Office and submit a protest concerning possible ineligible participants.
  • Our Gender Inclusion Guidelines can be viewed here.