6v6 Ultimate Frisbee

7/10/2019 to 8/07/2019
East Campus - Williams Field (Field Hockey)
Summer Session II


Tuesday, July 2
Register at imleagues.com/duke

Intramural Ultimate Frisbee will be played 6v6 and is a non-contact, team sport played with a flying disc. The object of the game is to score by catching a pass in the opponent’s end zone. A player must stop running while in possession of the disc, but may pivot and pass to any of the other receivers on the field.  Ultimate is a transition game in which players move quickly from offense to defense on turnovers that occur with a dropped pass, an interception, a pass out of bounds, or when a player is caught holding the disc for more than ten seconds. Ultimate is governed by a tradition of sportsmanship that places the responsibility for fair play on the players. The sport can be competitively fun among those familiar with its game play, but is extremely newcomer friendly! This sport is self-officiated.

Summer league games will be scheduled each Wednesday from July 10th – August 7th and in the evenings at 5:30, 6:30 and 7:30. Each team will be scheduled for 3 regular season games, and the top 4 teams will advance to a single elimination playoff. Games will take place on Duke’s East Campus at William’s Field (Field Hockey Field), directly outside of the Brodie Recreation Center. All teams must have a minimum of 6 players registered on their IMLeagues roster to be eligible for participation and approved for league play. ALL participants must have a current Duke ID & Recreation Membership to participate in this sports league.

For any questions regarding the intramural sports leagues please contact us at intramurals@duke.edu