The Duke University Intramural Sports Program offers a variety of fun and unique opportunities to participants through a variety of sports and special events.  Whether you’re a competitive sports enthusiast or looking for a source of exercise, we provide a wide variety of activities! Compete with friends, colleagues, or sign up as free agents; No additional fees to participate! All participants must have a current Duke ID Card to play.

In order to participate in Duke Intramural Sports you must first create an account and register here on; please use your Duke Email when registering.

Intramural Sports Office:



1/26/2017 to 4/06/2017
1/30/2017 to 3/08/2017
1/29/2017 to 2/19/2017
2/06/2017 to 4/06/2017
2/17/2017 to 4/13/2017
2/19/2017 to 4/25/2017
3/20/2017 to 4/24/2017
1/29/2017 to 3/10/2017
2/23/2017 to 3/30/2017

First-Year Challenge

The First Year Challenge (FYC) is a series of events put on exclusively for First Year students where they can come and participate in an activity that we offer and have the opportunity to meet new people. FREE!

Dates: Fridays at 5:00 PM on the following dates:March 3; April 7; April 14
Location: East Campus