The Intramural Sports Program offers a variety of fun and unique opportunities to participants through a variety of sports and special events.  Whether you’re a competitive sports enthusiast or looking for a source of exercise, we provide a wide variety of activities! Compete with friends, colleagues, or sign up as free agents; No additional fees to participate! All participants must have a current Duke ID Card to play.

In order to participate in Duke Intramural Sports you must first create an account and register here on; please use your Duke Email when registering.

Click here to view our Intramural Sports Participant Handbook.

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1/31/2019 to 3/07/2019
1/27/2019 to 3/27/2019
1/29/2019 to 3/07/2019
4/13/2019 to 4/14/2019
2/11/2019 to 3/29/2019
3/19/2019 to 4/08/2019
1/27/2019 to 3/03/2019
1/29/2019 to 3/07/2019