Small Group Programs

What We Offer

Learn to Lift Workshops

Need help in the weight room? Our Learn to Lift Workshops will teach you how to use the weight room safely and efficiently.

Girl Power: The Original

Calling all ladies! This motivating class is for women who want to learn proper lifts and progressions in the weight room while increasing their confidence! 

Fit Box

Our Fit Box classes are upbeat exciting hour long classes teaching you proper form on all punches then putting them together in fun combos for a great workout! 

Girl Power: No Limits

Physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, and environmental wellness are some of the themes that will be covered during the Girl Power: No Limits experience. Food is provided. Participation is free!

TRX Training

TRX is a suspension system that will develop strength and flexibility while challenging your core. And it’s fun!

Yoga Immersive Small Group

Small group that will focus on different areas and types of yoga such as chakras, power yoga, restorative yoga, and yoga with weights. Click for more information.