Small Group Programs

Small Group Programs are an excellent way to conquer goals and improve technical skills in an intimate, coach-style setting. 

Program Registration and MyRec

Programs vary by semester and price. Pre-registration is required and class sizes are limited to help provide for more one-on-one instruction. Participants can register online through their account on MyRec

More information about MyRec and instructions on how to create a profile can be found on our MyRec webpage.

What We Offer

Learn to Lift Workshops

Need help in the weight room? Our Learn to Lift Workshops will teach you how to use the weight room safely and effectively.

Girl Power

Calling all ladies! This motivating class is for women who want to learn proper lifts and progressions in the weight room while increasing their confidence! 

Fit Box

Our Fit Box classes are upbeat exciting hour long classes teaching you proper form on all punches then putting them together in fun combos for a great workout! 

DareDevil Training

New! DareDevil Training is for those who dare to reach new levels with this functional cross training workout program. Personal Trainers will guide you through workouts and obstacles to achieve individually set goals.