Private Pilates Training

Pilates is a total body workout program which offers a unique challenge to your strength and flexibility. Your certified Pilates Instructor will help you maintain good form and proper posture throughout the movement for the most effective training session. Pilates Training is only available at Brodie Recreation Center.

Private Pilates Training Rates

Private Pilates Training vs Mat Pilates Classes

  • One on One. Your instructor checks your form and caters the session to your goals.
  • The Equipment:
    • The Reformer – a moving spring-loaded platform that facilities core training.  Exercises are done lying, sitting, kneeling, standing, and jumping.
    • The Wall Tower – a spring-based apparatus with strategically placed hooks that provide different levels of tension and a push through bar that helps you isolate articulation of the spine.
    • The Wunda Chair – a box and pedal unit that connects you deep into your powerhouse and requires the use of strength, centering, balance and control to perform each exercise.
  • Privacy. You’ll be behind closed doors in the peaceful Mind/Body Studio inside Brodie Recreation Center on East Campus (Pilates Personal Training is not offered at Wilson).

To request a session with a Pilates personal trainer, please complete our Training Request Form and select Pilates Instructor as your trainer preference.