Personal Training & Pilates

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Personal Training 

We have multiple training options available based on your type of membership. All of our Personal Training options are available only to Duke Recreation members, both students and non-students. Please visit our membership page for details on our membership pricing and benefits.

*Please Note: COVID-19 significantly impacted our ability to hire and onboard new trainers, and we currently have a waitlist for new clients. Clients will be added to the waitlist in the order their Trainer Requests are received and will be paired with a trainer as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience!

In-Person Personal Training

Duke Personal Training will provide you with the knowledge, skills and encouragement you need to achieve your health and fitness goals. In-Person training is available for participants who have a membership that gives them access to the facility. 

Personal Training Initiation

A one-time deal for new clients only, this package includes 3 sessions with a Duke Personal Trainer. The first session is primarily meant to serve as a comprehensive assessment.

  • Student  Fee: $99
  • Non-Student Fee: $129
Single Session - Individual
  • Student Price: $40
  • Non-Student Price: $50
10 Session Package - Individual
  • Student Price: $350
  • Non-Student Price: $450

Monthly Exercise Program

We are also excited to offer a NEW Monthly Exercise Programming option! This program is available to anyone with any type of Duke Rec & P.E. Membership.

In the monthly Virtual Exercise Program you will receive...

  • Initial virtual consult with your assigned trainer
  • 30-day program based on your goals
  • Optional 30-minute virtual check in meeting with your personal trainer at your desired time within the 30 days
  • 30-minute virtual end of month wrap up meeting with your trainer
Monthly Exercise Program 30-Day Rates:
  • Student Price: $150
  • Non-Student Price: $175


Pilates is a total body workout program which offers a unique challenge to your strength and flexibility. Your certified Pilates Instructor will help you maintain good form and proper posture throughout the movement for the most effective training session. While Mat Pilates is offered through our free Group Fitness schedule, our private Pilates training provides these additional benefits:

  • One on One -- our instructor checks your form and caters the session to your goals.
  • Equipment:
    • The Reformer – a moving spring-loaded platform that facilities core training.  Exercises are done lying, sitting, kneeling, standing, and jumping.
    • The Wall Tower – a spring-based apparatus with strategically placed hooks that provide different levels of tension and a push through bar that helps you isolate articulation of the spine.
    • The Wunda Chair – a box and pedal unit that connects you deep into your powerhouse and requires the use of strength, centering, balance and control to perform each exercise.
  • Privacy. You’ll be behind closed doors in the peaceful Mind/Body Studio inside Brodie Recreation Center on East Campus (Pilates Personal Training is not offered at Wilson).
In-Person Pilates Training
Pilates Prep Package

A one-time deal for new clients only, this package includes 3 private sessions with a Duke Pilates Instructor. The first session will include an assessment that will assist the instructor in putting together the best possible workout for each client.

  • Student Price: $150
  • Non-Student Price: $180
Single Session
  • Student Price: $58
  • Non-Student Price: $68
10 Session Package
  • Student Price: $525
  • Non-Student Price: $625

Virtual Pilates Training

Virtual Pilates is available to anyone with any type of Duke Rec & P.E. Membership.

Single Session
  • Student Price: $52
  • Non-Student Price: $55
4 Session Package
  • Student Price: $195
  • Non-Student Price: $208
8 Session Package
  • Student Price: $360
  • Non-Student Price: $385
12 Session Package
  • Student Price: $505
  • Non-Student Price: $540

Requesting a Trainer

Our goal is to identify the trainer that is the best fit for your availability, goals, and personal preferences based on your initial consultation answers. All training options require a membership, and in-person training is only available to individuals who have access to our facilities. 

If you are ready to schedule an appointment, please complete the Personal Training Request Form.

Upon receiving your request form, we will determine the best trainer for your needs and arrange for that trainer to contact you to schedule your initial consult. In addition, please download, fill out and submit the Par-Q & You health history questionnaire to

Trainer Bios

Our highly-trained and certified staff is here to help Duke students and employees reach their personal health and fitness potential. Click on the bios below to learn more about our staff.

For More Information

Contact with additional questions.