Fitness FAQ

Q: I’m new to the recreation center, is there an orientation or someone to show me how to use the equipment?
A: If you work out at Brodie we have Fitness Counselors on staff Monday-Friday evenings from 4:30-7:30pm during the academic calendar. Look for the Fitness Counselor stand. They would be happy to help! At Wilson, there are always facility staff members on duty who can show you around the facility.

Q: I don’t know what to do for my workouts. Can someone show me?
A: You have two options for this. We offer free fitness assessments which once completed the trainer administering the assessment can give you some basic guidelines specific to your goals. The other option is to hire a personal trainer. Both of these services can be found under the fitness tab on our website and have request forms. Just fill one out and someone will be in contact. Also, check out our Weight Room Orientation Video for some workout ideas and weight room tips!

Q: Are group fitness classes included in my membership?
A: Yes! There is no additional charge to participate in group fitness classes.

Q: Do I have to sign up for group fitness classes?
A: No, there is no pre-registration required for our classes. The only exception to this rule is for our Cycle and Barre classes which have a cap of 22 participants due to space and equipment. For these classes we have a wristband system. You can get a wristband at the front desk of Wilson starting 30 minutes prior to the start of class. This will guarantee your spot. Once the wristbands are gone, the class is full.

Q: What do I need to wear in group fitness classes and do I need to bring anything?
A: We ask that you dress for the modality. For example, Pilates and Yoga do not require footwear, all other land classes do. Comfortable, supportive fitness clothing, and tennis shoes are necessary, and we always recommend that you bring water. A towel is suggested. Please note that cycle classes get warm and sweat shirts and pants are not recommended. Some people do prefer to bring their own Yoga mat, but we have plenty. All other equipment is provided.

Q: Can I get nutritional advice through Duke Recreation?  
A: No. However, Student Affairs offers nutritional counseling, as well as many other fitness-related services.  Check out student health services for more information.

Feel free to contact us at for any other questions!