First Year Challenge

What is the First Year Challenge?

The First Year Challenge (FYC) is a semester-long competition specifically for first year students. First Year Students can participate individually or as a group in multiple recreational activities to accrue points for their respective dorms. The winning dorm at the end of semester will receive a grand prize! 

How Can I Participate?

   Get a FYC punch card at Brodie or Wilson Recreation Centers and complete at least 4 out of the 6 activities on the card. Each completed event will count for 1pt towards your dorm's total points. Qualified events include:
   • Aquatics: Attend a Master's Swim practice, participate in the Battleship tournament on September 17, or swim the OB challenge.
   • Fitness: Participate in a Devil Challenge at Brodie (Sunday-Thursdays 4:30-7:30 pm - drop in) OR go to a Yoga or Cycle group fitness class.
   • Outdoor Adventures: Climb the wall, Go on a trip or attend a workshop, and/or volunteer at an Adaptive Climb (2 events available each month).
   • Oasis: Visit either center (east or west) and stay for 30 minutes OR participate in two of their activity stations in the center.
   • Intramural Sports: participate in an Intramural Sport (each game played counts), participate in the Score for the Cure soccer tournament (November 3), participate in the Table Tennis tournament (November 12), OR participate in the 3v3 Basketball tournament (December 1-3).
   • You pick 'em: This can be used to repeat any of the listed events above for additional points. 

Earn Bonus Points?

Tag us @dukerec in your social media posts related to the events you are participating in and use the #FYC to earn bonus points!

Where do I turn in my completed punch card?

There will be designated drop boxes at the entrances of Brodie and Wilson for you to drop off your completed punch cards. There are also new blank punch cards located at these stations so you can start another card to continue racking up points for your dorm. 

What does my dorm/house get for winning the challenge?

If your dorm accumulates the most points at the end of the Fall semester, your whole dorm will be awarded with a championship banner to hang outside of your house, your dorm will also be added to the FYC championship cup which resides in Brodie for all to see, and Duke Recreation will host a block party for your dorm at the end of the semester to celebrate your win! Throughout the challenge, we will also have raffle prizes to give out to randomly selected punch cards that have been completed and turned in at both locations. 

Questions? Contact Shannon Tumelty at