Operating Policies

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Virtual Fitness Warning and Assumption of Risk 

By accessing, using, or viewing any virtual workout you are agreeing to Duke Recreation and Physical Education Terms of Use and Limitation of Liability. To make virtual fitness classes as freely accessible as possible to our members, and any other participants, we will be using this statement as a warning and assumption of risk. Participation in these classes is voluntary. Consider the risks involved and consult your medical professional before engaging in any physical activity. Physical activity programs may result in injury, and you assume all risk of injury as a result of participation in this online program. We strongly recommend that you participate from a space that is suitable for this activity. For example, make sure you move furniture and other potential hazards out of the way. We recommend creating an open space so that is there is plenty of room between you and any other object. We also recommend using a mat on the ground or a carpeted area. Moving on slick floors may result in injury. Participants are encouraged to stop if they experience pain or injury and should seek appropriate medical advice or care as needed. TO THE MAXIMUM EXTENT ALLOWED BY APPLICABLE LAW, DUKE IS NOT RESPONSIBLE OR LIABLE FOR ANY INJURIES OR DAMAGES YOU MAY SUSTAIN THAT RESULT FROM YOUR PARTICIPATION OR USE OF THIS PLATFORM.


Duke University and the Recreation and Physical Education department are not responsible for injuries sustained while participating in athletic or other sporting activities. All physical activities offered in the Recreation Center and at other Recreation facilities are on a voluntary participation basis and carry various degrees of risk or injury. Participants assume sole responsibility for any and all such risk or injury that may result due to voluntary participation. It is each individual’s responsibility to be knowledgeable of his/her own physical condition when participating in any activity

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Who may use the Recreation Centers?

Current Rec & P.E. Members may use the Recreation Centers. For additional Rec & PE Membership information, including details pertaining to our digital options, visit the Memberships page.

The DukeCard

The DukeCard is the official Duke University and Health System ID. It serves as an electronic key, allowing you to easily enter facilities and to use services for which you have privileges. The DukeCard is the property of Duke University and should be carried at all times. It must be presented upon request to any University Official.The transfer of an ID card to another person, or the possession of another person’s ID card, may result in confiscation of the card and judicial action. Duke University faculty, staff and students are eligible to add their DukeCard to their Apple or Android device, known as Mobile DukeCard. For detailed information about DukeCard and MobileDukeCard, please visit the DukeCard's website.

Duke issued ID Cards and those using the Alumni App must have a visible photo, name, and unique ID number and be easily readable by the Guest Attendant. A driver’s license or other government issued identification is acceptable along with the Duke ID. If the requirements are not met, you may be asked at the discretion of the Guest Attendant to visit the Card Office to purchase a new card. The replacement cost is $5.00 for students, $10.00 for all other cardholder types.

Card Sharing

Card sharing is not allowed. If the photo on the card does not match the individual presenting the card to the front desk of Wilson, the card will be immediately confiscated. There will be no initial warning, this will be an immediate action with no recourse and the individual presenting the card will be asked to leave the facility. Only the individual’s name that appears on the confiscated card may claim the card at Wilson by requesting a pick-up appointment. In addition, you are required to be in possession of your DukeCard for the duration of your time in the facility. Please direct questions to Membership Services.

Guest Passes and Duke Visitors

In an effort to mitigate the health implications associated with COVID-19, access to Rec & P.E. facilities has been limited to members of the Duke community with a valid Rec & P.E. Membership therefore Guest Passes are currently unavailable. Additionally, we are unable to accommodate facility tours at this time. For more information on the University's efforts surrounding COVID-19, please review the Duke United website.

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No-Shows, Cancelations & Refunds

Taishoff Aquatics Pavilion and Brodie Aquatics Center Reservation No-Shows

If you do not arrive at our facilities within your scheduled time or fail to cancel your reservation, you will be marked as a "No Show". After three (3) no shows, your reservation privileges may be suspended for seven (7) days. It is the Member's responsibility to cancel all reservations that cannot be fulfilled. Instructions on how to cancel your reservation through the MyRec Web Portal can be found here.

Membership, Program or Service Cancelations & Refunds

It is an extraordinary commitment to prepare, coordinate and staff our facilities, programs, services, classes and trips, therefore all payments are NON-REFUNDABLE, NON-PRORATABLE with few exceptions. For complete details, visit our Refunds & Cancelations Policies page.

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Visiting Rec & P.E. Facilities

Facility Access
​​​Entry Requirements
  • Valid Rec & PE Membership
    NOTE: Digital Memberships do not provide access to facilities or in-person programming.
  • Valid Duke ID or Duke Mobile ID to swipe in at our touchless scanners.
Reservation Policies

Taishoff Aquatics Pavilion and Brodie Aquatics Center utilize a reservation system through the MyRec Web Portal for lap swim. View additional reservation information here.

Recreation Center Etiquette

Please observe these guidelines to help maintain the cleanliness, safety and inclusive nature of our facilities:

  • For everyone’s safety, please remember to always clean any equipment with the disinfectant provided before and after use.
  • Food is permitted to be consumed in labeled areas of the facility. Beverages in sealed, non-glass containers are permitted with the exception of the weight room where only water in non-glass containers are permitted.
  • Bikes/skateboards/roller skates/rollerblades are prohibited.
  • Strollers and baby carriers are prohibited on the cardio level, weight room, climbing wall and pool areas.
  • Pets, other than service animals are prohibited.
  • Headphones are required for personal music or listening devices.
  • Check in with the front desk staff to claim reservations.
  • Secure all valuables at all times. Duke Recreation & Physical Education will not be responsible for lost or stolen property.
  • Unauthorized filming and photos are not permitted in the facilities. Failure to comply may risk in suspension or termination of membership.
Proper Attire

Proper athletic attire is required. Shirts, athletic pant or shorts and shoes are required throughout the facilities. Sandals, flip flops, open-toed shoes, socks, and bare feet are prohibited. Proper dress will be left to the discretion of management.

Equipment Loans

In an effort to mitigate the health implications associated with COVID-19, some fitness equipment may not be available. Participants are encouraged to bring their own equipment from home, though please verify with our staff if it is OK to use the equipment you brought before beginning activity. 

Sports equipment such as rackets, soccer balls or footballs, as well as a variety of outdoor equipment and yard games are available for rent. View the full list of prices and additional details on the Equipment Rentals page.

Informal Recreation and Outdoor Spaces

Access to some Rec & P.E. informal recreation spaces such as courts, racquetball, squash and multipurpose rooms, as well as outdoor fields, is limited or unavailable at this time. Please note signage in these spaces and respect closures. 

Drop-in play is available Monday - Friday from 2:00pm - 7:00pm on Kville. A variety of yard games and sport equipment will be available for use.

Lockers & Locker Rooms

Lockers in Wilson are for daily use only— not long term use with the exception of those who have been grandfathered for long term use. Please be advised that we reserve the right to cut locks without prior notice. Occasionally throughout the semester lockers will be cleaned out. A notice will be posted giving appropriate notification. It is then your responsibility to claim your items in a timely manner.

No bags of any kind are allowed in the weight room and must be stored in lockers located outside of the weight room in Wilson. Please do not leave bags on the floors of the hallways or the entrance area to the weight room. Removal of any and all equipment is prohibited. 

Lost & Found

If you lose a small item such as a Duke ID card, credit card, driver’s license, iPod, cell phone, jewelry, glasses, etc., check with the Wilson Front Desk or send an email to recreation@duke.edu. Please note this is a courtesy and there is no guarantee we will have your item. The Duke Recreation and Physical Education department is not responsible for lost, stolen or misplaced items.

Closing at the End of the Day

The facilities are scheduled to close promptly on time. In order for this to happen, you should prepare to leave the facility 10-15 minutes prior to closing. You will receive a courtesy “Last Call” at or around 15 minutes prior to closing, asking you to prepare to exit the facility. Failure to follow this procedure may result in you forfeiting your privileges.

Parking Information

For details about parking accessibility, visit our Parking Information page or the Duke Parking & Transportation site directly.

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Photography and Video Policies

Duke Recreation and Physical Education has implemented the following photo and video policies to protect the rights and privacy of our patrons. Prior to any type of filming or photography, permission must be obtained by the Rec & P.E. facilities and marketing teams. Please submit this form within one week of your proposed date of filming or photography. 

Duke Recreation and Physical Education reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to withhold and/or withdraw permission to photograph on its premises or to reproduce photographs of its facilities, members and staff.

For Personal Use
  • Taking photos or video of identifiable individuals without their consent is prohibited, must be deleted and is cause for immediate removal from the Campus Recreation Centers, its outdoor spaces, and could result in possible suspension from the facilities.
  • Photography and video are permitted in Recreation Centers and its outdoor spaces for personal use, with the exception in the aquatic facilities, restrooms, and locker room spaces.
  • Personal use is defined as media of yourself, friends, or family obtained informally for personal/private use.
  • Personal privacy of participants must be respected. You must have the explicit permission of every person who may be identified in any photo or video (exceptions may be made for approved intramural and sport club competitions, and special events).
  • Photography/video of minors (individuals under the age of 18) requires permission of a parent or guardian.
  • All participants have a right to decline.
For Academic Use
  • Duke Campus Recreation and Physical Education supports and recognizes the need of students who require taking photo/video as part of their academic coursework.
  • Academic use is defined as media obtained/reproduced for academic purposes including class projects.
  • Students wishing to take photos or video in Campus Recreation Centers and/or outdoor spaces for academic use must have approval in advance. To request approval, complete our Online Photography and Video Request Form at at least one week before the anticipated time you wish to shoot photo/video and email Chris Policastro, Director of Facilities. Requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and are not guaranteed approval.
  • Once approved by the Director of Facilities, all persons obtaining photos, videos, or other forms of media within the Duke Recreation Centers will be given a media pass. This pass must be worn and plainly displayed during the entirety of the photo/video shoot. Persons without an approved media pass will be asked to leave the building.
  • Students taking photo or video for academic use must obtain explicit permission of every person who may be identified in any photo or video (exceptions may be made for approved intramural and sport club competitions, and special events).
  • Students are not permitted to take photos in the aquatic facilities, restrooms, or locker rooms for personal or academic use.
For Tours
  • Photography and video are permitted only of facility amenities. No patrons may be in the shots.
  • Group photography is only permitted outside of the facility and away from building entrances.
For Outside Media
  • Department of Recreation and Physical Education accommodates reasonable requests for journalistic, news-related, and non-commercial shooting by members of media. To request approval, complete our Online Photography and Video Request Form at least 72-hours before the anticipated time you wish to film and email Chris Policastro, Director of Facilities.
  • Once approved by the Director of Facilities, all persons obtaining photos, videos, or other forms of media within the Duke Recreation Centers will be given a media pass. This pass must be worn and plainly displayed during the entirety of the photo/video shoot. Persons without an approved media pass will be asked to leave the building.

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