Indoor Climbing Wall

Wilson Recreation Center
330 Towerview Rd
Durham, NC 27708

Front Desk: 
(919) 684-0691

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The climbing wall stands 35 feet tall with 11 ropes and over 1400 square feet of climbing surface. No experience is needed to try the climbing wall! All equipment including climbing shoes, harnesses and belay devices are available for use at no cost. We also have staff available to belay, but also offer free Belay Classes for those that would like to learn. Experienced belayers can take a test with an Outdoor Adventures staff member to receive a belay pass in order to belay at our facility.

Routes for All Skill Levels

With routes ranging from beginner to advanced there are plenty of opportunities for you to learn and progress your climbing skills. Our routes are changed regularly my a team of student route setters. View the list of the routes currently on the wall. Feel free to review and provide feedback!

Group Rentals

The climbing wall is available for rent to groups of up to 25 people. We can customize group experiences to include basic climbing instruction, instructional belay workshop, or adaptive climbing. For more information and to submit a Climbing Wall Rental Request please complete this form.

Contact with any questions.




  • 35-foot wall with 11 ropes
  • Over 1400 square feet of climbing surface
  • Climbing shoes, harnesses and belay devices are available for use at no cost.

Climbing Instruction

  1. Belay Classes – FREE
    Our belay classes are an introduction to rock climbing. We’ll teach you how to use the equipment, how to belay with a standardized belay technique and ensure you have the knowledge needed to safely and effectively belay at our facility. After completing the course you may take a belay test with a staff member in order to earn a belay pass, which allows you to belay at our facility anytime during open hours
  2. Intro to Climbing Technique – $10 per person
    Designed for those who are looking to improve their climbing skills. Our instructors will evaluate your technique to provide feedback in order to climb with efficiency and improve your overall technique. We’ll present different drills or practices that you can incorporate into your climbing routine to take your climbing to the next level!
  3. Intro to Lead Climbing Workshop – $10 per person
  4. Designed for those climbers interested in learning a new style of climbing. Participants should be proficient at top-rope belaying and have the ability to climbing 5.9 without a fall.


  • The minimum age to climb at the wall is 6 years of age
  • The minimum age to obtain a belay pass is 15 years of age
  • Anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent/guardian sign the climbing wall waiver
  • Climbers with interest in belaying must first pass our belay test. This test consists of proper knowledge and use of climbing communication, equipment, knots, PBUS belay technique, and lowering a climber.