Central Campus Outdoor Pool

1917 Yearby Avenue

  • Open April 16 - September 29
Front Desk: 
(919) 684-4620


Located behind the Devils Bistro and Central Rec basketball and activity field, Central Campus Pool offers the opportunity to all in the Duke community to enjoy outdoor aquatic recreation.  Directly on the C-2 line, you can quickly access the faculty.  The spacious deck offers ample seating for relaxation, sunbathing and socializing with friends and family. It’s a perfect place to bring your family for some time together. Just have your Duke Card with active membership ready when you arrive. 

Student activity groups and those university departments with fund codes are welcome to rent the facility for organized activities.

The Central Campus Pool is located at 1917 Yearby Ave. Central Campus pool is 3.5 feet on each end and dips to 5 feet in the middle.


Membership Options (April 16 - September 29)

  • Membership to Central Campus pool is included in Recreation Center Memberships.
  • Individual Summer Membership: $132
    • Those eligible to purchase a membership are active Duke Faculty, Staff, and Students (not covered via school or program), Alumni, Contractors, Retirees, Visiting Scholars and Volunteers without a current Recreation Center Membership.
  • Family Membership: $265
    • Includes spouse and two children. Fee for additional children is $63.
  • Monthly Summer Membership: $27 per month
    • Those eligible to purchase a membership are active Duke Faculty, Staff, and Students who are not enrolled for Spring & Fall semesters. Note: There is no recreation fee assessed to students only enrolled in Summer School.
  • We also accept Live For Life Memberships.
  • Guest Passes
    • $5 for student guest/$10 for faculty guest

If you are sponsoring a spouse or child for a recreation center or central pool membership: 

Spouses and children of Faculty, Staff and Students must be sponsored through the OIT Guest Tool in order for cards and memberships to be renewed. Go to https://idms.oit.duke.edu/affiliates/sponsor to begin the sponsorship process.

 Spouses and children of Alumni must be sponsored through the alumni office. Please contact the alumni office for more information at daa@daa.duke.edu or by calling 919-684-5114. Please note that those on the Alumni Family Membership plan cannot purchase the monthly option – only the “full summer” option is available for this type of membership.

 For memberships for children under 10, please contact the aquatics office directly for more information.


  • Payment can be made at the Duke Card office only. They accept cash, debit & FLEX.
  • On-line payment and payroll deduction are not available.

NEW! We now offer Birthday Parties at Center Campus Pool! To reserve Central Pool email abi.rutledge@duke.edu

For information about Central Pool, call (919) 684-4620.


Central Campus Parking is available to all Duke Parking Permit Holders after 4pm M-F and all day on weekends.

Permit restrictions during the summer: Anyone with a valid permit can park in the following lots over the summer:

  1. Gravel lots on Duke University Road
  2. Blue Zone
  3. 751 Lot (through July 11)
  4. East Employee Zone (excluding Crowell lot)
  5. Green Zone (Bassett Drive and Grounds lot)


  • Pool
  • Floaties
  • Noodles
  • All pools are ADA accessible and have kickboards, swim belts, pull buoys, and fins available at the pool deck.


Any Duke Community member with an active Duke Recreation or Central Pool Membership is welcome including children of all ages. Children 16 and under with active Duke Recreation or Central Pool memberships must be accompanied by an adult member; all visitors and members must sign a daily waiver before enjoying their time with us. 

Children 16 and under are welcome to come as long as they are accompanied by an adult card holder; all visitors and members must sign a daily waiver before enjoying their time with us.

Limited hours during April/May and August/September.

Central pool will be closed if inclement weather affects the pool temperature to a degree that makes it unsafe for prolonged water exposure or if other unsafe conditions are caused by weather. When possible, the deck space will remain open for sun tanning.