Rec & PE Member of the Month


February 2019 Member of the Month

Name: Daphne Friedman

What is your hometown? Washington, DC

What is your Duke Affiliation? Associate Professor of Medicine (Medical Oncology)

How long have you been at Duke University? Thirteen and a half years

How long have you been a Duke Rec & PE Member? About thirteen years

Why did you choose to become a Duke Rec & PE Member? Very convenient, lots of options including pools, and inexpensive compared to other local gyms.

What is your favorite aspect of Duke Recreation & Physical Education? My personal trainer: Currently Kerri Green-Scott, and before her, Mary Ann Dobbins.

How has having a Rec & PE Membership helped you in your health and wellness goals?  I am a lot stronger and able to play with my kids and pick them up without any difficulty. 

What has been your biggest milestone at Duke Recreation & Physical Education?  I have made it through two pregnancies, one surgery, and a broken ankle.


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