Rec & PE Member of the Month

July 2018 Member of the Month


Name: Jordan Hale 

Hometown: Tallahassee, FL

What is your Duke Affiliation? Staff

How long have you been at Duke University? 10 years (yikes!)

How long have you been a Duke Rec & PE Member? Almost 2 years

Why did you choose to become a Duke Rec & PE Member?
I needed to get back in the gym - it helps with mental and physical health. 

Favorite aspect of Duke Recreation & Physical Education? 
The people at the front desk. They are always pleasant and greet you with a smile. Especially at Brodie. 

How has having a Rec & PE Membership helped you in your health and wellness goals?
It has certainly helped me stay fit and mentally balanced. That has been a goal with everything going on in the world. 

What has been your biggest milestone at Duke Recreation & Physical Education? 
Just getting up and going nearly every day. It has made a difference in how I feel.