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A Commitment to Health and Wellness
You don’t have to play Division I sports to be active at Duke. Duke Recreation & Physical Education offers a wide range of programs that encourage healthy lifestyles through education and recreation. Each year, more than 13,000 members of the Duke community—from undergraduate and graduate students to faculty, staff, and alumni—participate in one or more activities offered by Recreation & Physical Education. A division of Duke Athletics, our program provides funding, facilities, and staffing to support 38 sports clubs, 10 intramural sports, the aquatics program, six fitness locations, personal training, physical education classes, and an outdoor adventures program. It is one of the most extensive university-based recreational programs offered anywhere, providing opportunities for students, faculty, and staff who are interested in competitive sports, as well as options for those who simply want to get some exercise, swim, rock climb, kayak, or meet other people with similar interests.

By the Numbers
 students participate in 38 sports clubs, 15 of which compete nationally
2,300 students take recreation, wellness and physical education classes
3,000 participate in outdoor adventures
26,000 play intramural sports (includes those who play in more than one sport and team)
27,000 visitors swim, train and get SCUBA certified at our aquatics center
31,000 members take part in group fitness classes (includes repeats)

Annual Support
The demand for new programs, equipment, and facilities drives the need for new sources of funding. The Recreation & Physical Education Department is maximizing facility use across West, East, and Central campuses. The need for additional space and programs continues to grow, particularly as students’ interests change each year.

Gifts to Recreation & Physical Education support not only our day-to-day operations but also provide critical funding for facility expansions, fitness and aquatics programs, outdoor adventure trips, and new equipment for intramural and sport club teams.

An annual gift to Recreation & Physical Education can help ensure our ability to offer diverse and quality recreation programs that promote health and wellness to the entire Duke community.

Every gift, regardless of size, makes an immediate impact and helps inspire future donors.

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