You can view and register for all available programming options through the MyRec Portal. Offerings will be added and updated as they become available. For specific questions, view all FAQs below.

Who has access to Rec & P.E. facilities?
Anyone with a valid Rec & P.E. Membership will have access to in-person programs and facilities, as well as the Digital Library. Please note that Duke students, faculty, and staff must have a valid, non-expired DukeCard or Mobile DukeCard to enter the facilities. Affiliates must use the MyRec Mobile app to scan in with their Digital ID barcode for access. For information on how to access our facilities, visit our Facility Guidelines page.

What field space is available for drop-in use?
Cohan Fields on West Campus are available to Rec & P.E. Members for open recreation at designated days and times each semester. Field space is first come, first served; no reservations are taken. These fields are shared with varsity Athletics and may be sporadically offline to accommodate practices, competitions and events. Access during available hours is also weather dependent, and Membership will be confirmed upon entry.

What tennis facilities are available for use?
The East Campus Tennis Courts are available for drop-in use by Rec & P.E. Members. Courts are first come, first served; no reservations are taken. Proof of Membership may be checked periodically to help facilitate the risk management, maintenance, and space accommodations of the East Campus Tennis Courts for our Members.

Please note formal Rec & P.E. programming will still occur on these courts which would have first priority and could possibly result in the temporary closure of courts. Learn more about prospective programming on the MyRec Portal.

Ambler Tennis Stadium and Sheffield Tennis Center are Athletics facilities reserved exclusively for Varsity Athletics practices, competitions, camps and instruction through Physical Education Courses. Questions regarding these spaces should be directed to Athletics Facilities.

If you have additional questions, please email

Who can enroll in a Rec & P.E. Membership?
Memberships are currently available for purchase to Duke faculty, staff, and Graduate/Professional students who are not being charged the Recreation Fee. Memberships may be purchased at any time through the MyRec Portal.

Affiliates, including spouses, domestic partners, and dependents between the ages of 10-26 years, may purchase a Membership by following the steps outlined on our Membership page.

Alumni may also purchase a membership by following the steps listed on our Membership page.

I’m a student, do I need to enroll in a Rec & P.E. Membership?
Undergraduate Students: the majority have been assessed a semesterly Recreation Fee through their Bursar Account and will not need to purchase a Membership. Situations may arise where access is suspended due to not having paid the next semester's tuition, studying abroad, etc. Students who notice a lapse in access should first check their Bursar Account to ensure all fees have been paid and no holds are on their account.

Graduate Students: the majority of Graduate Students have been assessed a semesterly Recreation Fee through the Bursar’s Office or their academic program. Individuals unsure of their Membership status should first check their Bursar Account to see if a Recreation Fee was applied or check with their program advisor to confirm whether or not their department is covering their Rec Fee. 

Please note that any Membership unnecessarily purchased falls under our Refunds & Cancellations policy and will not be granted. Students should be sure they do not have a Membership prior to purchasing anything.

Where do I purchase a Rec & P.E. Membership?
Registration and payment for all Memberships and programs is made through MyRec

Are Rec & P.E. Memberships Prorated?
The Annual and Semester Rec & P.E. Memberships are prorated based on the date of enrollment within the Membership period. Prorations will begin approximately one month after the start of sales and will prorate bi-weekly through the end of the period. Monthly Rec & P.E. Memberships are a flat rate, providing access for 30 days. 

How do I cancel my Rec & P.E. Membership?
Rec & P.E. Memberships have a no cancellation policy. For details visit the Refunds & Cancellations page.

How do I renew my Rec & P.E. Membership?
All memberships can be renewed by visiting MyRec.

How do I know if my membership is active?

  1. Log into your MyRec account.
  2. Click 'Profile' on the top right.
  3. Click 'Memberships' listed on the left.
  4. There you will see your most recent membership and can confirm the expiration date.

I have someone visiting me, can they use the recreation centers?
Daily Guest Passes are able to be purchased by Rec & P.E. Members via MyRec. These passes are valid for the duration of business on the day it is purchased and provides access to Rec & P.E. facilities only; no programs or services are included. Multiple one-time visits can be purchased in succession. Please review all information on our Memberships webpage under 'One-Time Visits'.

What if I have a LIVE FOR LIFE membership?
For all questions regarding a LIVE FOR LIFE membership please reach out to

How much is a Rec & P.E. Membership?
Membership pricing can be found on our Membership webpage or by visiting MyRec.

Is parking included in my Rec & P.E. Membership?
Parking is not included in a Rec & P.E. Membership. For details about parking accessibility, visit the Duke Parking & Transportation site directly.

If you have additional questions, please email

What are credit and curriculum requirements?

For Undergraduate Students, P.E. activity courses are worth 0.5 credits each and are graded Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory based on attendance and progress. P.E. lecture courses are worth 1.0 credit each and are graded with traditional assignments, exams and letter grades. Some lecture courses are also cross-listed in other departments and may count toward major and curriculum code requirements. Undergraduate Students may earn up to 1 credit (two 0.5 credit activity courses) toward the 34 credit graduation requirement, and may take as many activity courses as desired without credit, including repeating activity courses as desired. Lecture courses do not count against the 1 credit P.E. activity course limit and may not be repeated.

What is the schedule and location of P.E. courses?

P.E. courses are generally held twice per week (Mon/Wed or Tues/Thrs) for 75 minutes per class and are held during normal Duke course meeting times.  Several lecture courses are held once per week for 2.5 hours.  Some activity courses are offered in a sequence (e.g., Tennis Level 1, Tennis Level 2, Tennis Level 3) following a curriculum of didactic and activity components. Most courses are held in and around the Wilson and Brodie Recreation Centers.

What is the cost of taking a P.E. course?

For undergraduate students, P.E. courses are included in regular tuition and fees; however, a few courses have a small course fee for field trips or personal gear. Graduate schools vary by program in regards to access to P.E. courses. Refer to your graduate/professional school for clarification.

How are P.E. activity courses different from other Duke Rec & P.E. classes/programs?

Students in P.E. activity courses enjoy a high level of student-instructor interaction and the supportive group dynamics of the class setting. P.E. courses follow the same schedule as other academic courses, providing the accountability of having an activity class built into the academic schedule. P.E. activity courses are designed to include progressive scaffolding of information, skills, and workouts. Activity courses can accommodate a wide range of experience levels through sequencing of some courses (e.g., Golf Level 1, Golf Level 2, etc.) and an individualized approach in non-sequenced courses.

Who can take a P.E. course?

Any Undergraduate or Graduate student may enroll in a PE course, but may not audit the course. Undergraduate students do not pay an additional fee to enroll in PE courses and register through DukeHub the same as for other Duke courses. Graduate students must complete a form from the Graduate School titled Permission to Enroll in a Course Below the 500 Level and submit it to their DGS to enroll in a P.E. course. An instructor signature is not needed on this form. Graduate students will generally receive a grade of Credit (CR) or No Pass (NP); however they do not actually get graduation credit nor will the grade affect their GPA. They must adhere to the undergraduate calendar for the class schedule. Faculty and staff are not eligible to take P.E. courses.

If you have additional questions, please email

How do I access the pool?
Access to both Taishoff Aquatics Pavilion and Brodie Aquatics Center will be through the main entrance of either Wilson or Brodie Recreation Center. Swipe your DukeCard or MyRec Mobile ID for access to the facility, and show again once you reach either pool deck to check-in for your reservation. 

Are there time restrictions to my workout?
Participants can reserve 55-minute blocks for lap swimming, and may also make back-to-back reservations. Reservations must be made and cancelled through MyRec

Lane reservations are highly encouraged, and those with reservations will be given priority. Walk-ins are accepted, however lane availability for walk-ins is not guaranteed and space will be provided on a first come, first served basis. 

How do I cancel a lane reservation?
Individuals who no-show a lane reservation will be issued a warning. Three (3) no-shows will result in an individual being suspended from their pool privileges. Please cancel your lane reservation online following the steps outlined on our MyRec Help webpage.

  1. In MyRec, click on your photo (top-right)
  2. Select PROFILE
  4. On the registration you want to cancel, click the MORE symbol (3 dots) at the far-right

What is the “No Show” policy?

Patrons will be allowed up to 3 No Shows per semester. Upon the 4th No Show patrons will be suspended for 7 days. This includes suspension from making reservations, use of the aquatic facility, and other reservation-based programming.

If you have additional questions, please email

What Fitness & Wellness programs are available?

We offer Group Fitness classes at the Wilson Recreation Center and Brodie Recreation Center. A variety of private services are available. Personal Training is available though there may be a waitlist. Additional information regarding all program offerings can be found on MyRec.

Is registration required? When can I register?

Yes. You must register for Group Fitness ahead of time through MyRec. Registration opens 48 hours in advance.

Personal Training and Small Group Programs are open year-round for registration through MyRec.

Is there a penalty if I do not show up or cancel my registration on time?

Yes. If you acquire three (3) no-shows during a semester you will be suspended from all recreation activities for one week. Please cancel classes you are unable to attend and arrive to class no later than 5 minutes prior to the class starting.

24 hour cancelation is required for Personal Training and Small Group Programs. Failure to do so results in a loss of one session.

Will fitness equipment be available for check-out? Can I bring my own equipment from home?

You may bring your own equipment, although we have plenty for use. Visit our Equipment Rentals webpage for more information.

Where can I find workout ideas if I'm unable to visit Wilson or Brodie?

Rec & P.E. Members have access to the Digital Library, located on our Fitness & Wellness webpage, that houses a variety of class types taught by Rec & P.E. instructors. 

If you have additional questions, please email

What are Intramural Sports?

Intramural Sport programs provide students the opportunity to participate in a variety of competitive and recreational sport activities. We offer “traditional” sports, like flag football, soccer, and basketball, as well as “nontraditional” sports such as spikeball, pickleball, and cornhole, just to name a few! Participating in Intramural Sports is a great way to stay active and build long-lasting friendships.

How are Intramural Sports different from Sport Clubs?

Intramural Sports are strictly on-campus events, where Duke students, faculty, and/or staff compete against other Duke community members. Sport Clubs are student run organizations that are more competitive in nature; they practice and compete against other schools locally, regionally, and/or nationally.

For more information about Sport Clubs, please visit our Sport Clubs webpage or contact

Who can participate in Intramural Sports?

Intramural Sports are open to all Duke Recreation and Physical Education Members. Members must have an active Duke ID card. All individuals who meet the eligibility requirements for participation in the Intramural Sports program are encouraged to participate and may participate in accordance with their personal gender identity and expression

Do I have to pay to play?

No – Intramural Leagues and Tournaments are free of charge!

Where/How do I sign-up?

Visit MyRec and select Intramural Sports. You must login with your Duke NetID and password. After authenticating, you will be redirected to IMLeagues, where you can view all the current semester offerings, registration dates, league and tournament dates, and sign-up to participate.

What if I don’t have a team?

No worries – you can sign up as a free agent. A free agent is defined as a person who wants to participant in Intramural Sports but is unable to form a team or is looking for a team to join. If you’re interested in learning more about being a free agent, drop in to one of the Intramural Sport Free Agent Meetings held at the beginning of each semester. 

Can I play on multiple teams?

Eligible players may participate on one Co-Rec team and one other league offering (i.e. Women’s, First-Year, or Open) per sport. Each sport will have some, but not all of the league offerings. 

How many Sport Club athletes can a team’s roster have?

Sport Club athletes are eligible to participate in their respective or alike intramural sport activity, but a limited number of Sport Club athletes are permitted per roster based on A-League or B-League participation. Please review the Intramural Sports Handbook for a detailed list of sports and Sport Club player participation numbers. 

If you have additional questions, please refer to the Intramural Sports Participant Handbook or email

What does Outdoor Adventures offer?

Outdoor Adventures offers a variety of land and water-based activities for the backcountry novice, the avid explorer, and everyone in between. We operate a 35-foot indoor climbing wall located in the Wilson Recreation Center. We also offer equipment rentals, trips, workshops, adaptive climbing events, and free personal trip plans. 

Climbing Wall

Do I need any experience to come to the Climbing Wall?

No experience is needed to climb at the Wilson Climbing Wall. We have all the equipment you will need and have staff to belay. Socks are needed for climbing shoe rentals.

What should I wear to the Climbing Wall?

We recommend something comfortable that you can easily move in. Due to the nature of wearing a climbing harness, wearing shorts with a longer inseam is recommended so the leg straps of the harness are not directly on the skin, but not required. 

Are there size limits for Climbing?

There are no weight limits for climbing. All of our harnesses are fully adjustable and fit a range of sizes below:

Non-Belay Harness

  • Waist: 23’’ - 42”
  • Leg: 17” - 28”

Belay Harness

  • Waist: 24” - 39.5”
  • Leg: 16” - 26.5”

What if I don’t have any experience and want to attend a trip?

Most of our trips are open to all ability levels and no experience is needed. We do offer a few intermediate trips and those requirements to attend will be specified on MyRec

Equipment Rentals

Do you have to be a student to rent equipment?

No! Anyone in the Duke Community including faculty, staff, and alumni can rent equipment. Duke Recreation and Physical Education Members receive a discount on their rental.

We offer group equipment rentals including camping, lawn games, and sports equipment to both Duke organized and non-Duke organized groups. Group equipment rentals receive discounted group equipment rates.

What are your size limits for sleeping bags and backpacks?


  • Torso Length: S/M - 15” - 20” & L/XL - 19” - 24”
  • Hip Belt: 25” - 50”

Sleeping Bags

  • Fleece Bags: 66” x 80”
  • 35 Degree Bags: 64” x 80”
  • 20 Degree Bags: 65“ X 78”
  • 0 Degree Bags: 65“ X 78”

If you have additional questions, please email

What is the Sport Club Program?

The Sport Club Program is a program area within Duke Recreation & Physical Education that provides opportunities for students to join organized and competitive clubs centered around Sport. We currently offer 32 sports that practice anywhere from 1-4 days a week, and compete against other colleges, universities, and organizations locally, regionally, nationally and even internationally.

Why should I join a Sport Club?

Sport Clubs provides Duke students a chance to compete and represent their University across the state and country through competitive and organized sport. For many students, Sport Clubs are an opportunity to continue participating in a sport they have played for years and have come to love. For others, it is an opportunity to learn how to play a sport they have always wanted to play.

The majority of Sport Club participants have reported that they find community and belonging via their participation in Sport Clubs and are able to meet students and form friendships they otherwise would not have if they were not involved in Sport Clubs.

In addition to being part of a team, Sport Clubs offer opportunities for students to learn fundamentals in organization, budget planning, leadership, as well as other management skills if they choose to take on a leadership position within their club.

What is the difference between Sport Clubs and Intramural Sports?

Intramural Sports is also a program area within Duke Recreation & Physical Education that provides structure for competitive and non-competitive sport play against other students participating in Intramural Sports. When you play an Intramural Sport, you play against other on-campus teams composed of Duke students. Intramural Sports trains officials, provides facility space and equipment, and handles league scheduling. 

Sport Clubs, on the other hand, have recurring practices, and both travel and host competitions against other colleges and universities that are determined by their leagues and organizations.

What is the difference between a Sport Club and a Varsity NCAA program?

Varsity programs are NCAA sports facilitated by Duke Athletics. While Sport Clubs fall under the purview of Duke Recreation & Physical Education and Athletics, we do not recruit, provide Athletic scholarships, or assist with admission to Duke in any way. 

Sport Clubs provide an opportunity for students to continue to play sports in a competitive and structured environment without the time commitment and high demands of a varsity program.

How do Clubs operate?

Sport Clubs are student led and operated by a group of Club Officers who are elected by their club membership. Club Officers determine the vision and goals of their club, plan their practice schedules and competitive schedule, manage their finances, determine equipment purchases, and plan all other aspects of operations with support and guidance from Professional Staff members who work for the Sport Club Program.

Because of the heavy involvement from student leaders, Sport Clubs are a great opportunity to grow and develop student’s transferable skills like leadership, communication, organization, time management and teamwork.

Do Clubs have coaches?

About half of our Clubs employ coaches. The Sport Club Program encourages clubs to seek out coaches, as they are a valuable asset to help develop the sport based skills of participants and assist in providing direction and guidance for practices and competitions. Clubs that do not have coaches have captains who provide sport based development and guidance to the team. 

Who can join a Club?

All individuals who have an active Duke Recreation & Physical Education Membership are eligible to join a Sport Club. While all individuals regardless of classification are welcome to practice and play in non-league games, most clubs have National Governing Bodies that determine eligibility for league or competitive games. Consult with the individual club that you are interested in joining or reach out to for more information about eligibility.

I don’t know how to play that sport. Can I still join the Club?

Absolutely! No experience is necessary to join our Clubs, and many clubs encourage novices to join. Sport Clubs are a great way to learn and experience a new sport that you have always been hoping to try!

Do I have to try out?

No! Clubs are not allowed to make cuts to their roster – meaning practices should open to all club members. However, due to financial limitations, teams are able to select a “travel roster” and are not required to take all members to games or competitions. Individuals are encouraged to continue attending practices to participate and improve their skills if they are not on the travel roster for their Club.

How often are practices? Where are they held?

Most Clubs practice 1-4 times a week for 1-2 hours. Clubs who practice on campus utilize Wilson Recreation Center, Taishoff Aquatics Center, Card Gym, Ambler Tennis Stadium, Brodie Recreation Center, Cohen Fields, Coombs Baseball Stadium, and Williams Field at Jack Katz Stadium for practices. A few clubs utilize off-campus facilities for practices. 

For detailed information on a specific club’s practice schedule and location, reach out to that club directly for detailed information. 

Do Sport Clubs travel?

Yes, all Clubs travel at some point in the year for competitions. Some Clubs travel once a semester, while some Clubs travel every weekend. Clubs generally compete against other universities in North Carolina and the surrounding states for regular season competition. 

In addition to regular and postseason travel, Clubs that apply are afforded the opportunity to attend a Dream Trip on a semi-annual basis. Dream Trips are designed to support club travel nationally or internationally to a location where they have access to sport specific training or competition that they otherwise would not have access to. 

Are there any costs associated with joining a club?

Yes, each Club charges dues to each member who joins. Clubs are financially supported by Duke Student Government and Recreation & Physical Education, and try to limit out of pocket costs as much as possible. Club dues vary greatly depending on which club you are interested in joining and range from $50 to over $1000 per year. 

Club dues pay for travel, coaches salaries, uniforms, equipment, and all other club operations. Out of pocket costs may include gas and individual meals while traveling. Otherwise Clubs cover all costs of participation for members via club dues. 

Financial Assistance is available to all Sport Club members to help offset the cost of dues through the Gorter Endowment. 

Can I get my dues refunded?

Due refunds are offered on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of individual Club leadership. Dues help cover the cost of travel, coaches salaries, uniforms, equipment, and all other Club operations. If individuals have participated in any number of practices or competitions, their dues have already contributed to these items. 

Prospective students are encouraged to consider varying factors including their academic course load, part-time employment, and additional extracurriculars that may impact their ability to fully participate in a Sport Club prior to paying dues. 

If you do need a refund for dues, please contact to initiate the process. 

The club I want to join isn’t listed - how do I start a new one?

If you are interested in starting a new Sport Club that we do not currently offer, this process needs to start with the University Center for Activities and Events (UCAE).

Prospective Clubs need to be a Registered Student Organization through UCAE for at least two full academic years before being eligible to apply for membership with the Sport Club Program. 

After your Club has existed under the purview of UCAE for at least two academic years, your Club needs to meet the following criteria to be eligible to join the Sport Club Program:

  • Has the ability to compete locally, regionally, or nationally against other colleges or universities
  • Has a National Governing Body or Organization that determines rules and best practices for your sport

If your Club meets all of those requirements, fill out the New Club Application Form to get the process started to become a Sport Club!

If you have additional questions, please email