Duke Recreation Council

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Duke Recreation Council -- The Student Voice Within Recreation and Physical Education!​

2016 – 2017 Recreation Council Members

Tony Nader (Chair)

Lauren Hagedorn (Co-Chair)

Conrad Liu

Melanie Park

Purpose of Council:

Duke Recreation Council is a diverse, student-led committee committed to creating positive change for students and patrons of Duke Recreation and Physical Education. DRC members pursue this through addressing student and patron concerns, event planning, and outreach.

The Council is charged with the responsibility to:

  • Support the Duke Community in the promotion of their recreation pursuits
  • Provide a venue for the discussion of recreational affairs
  • Provide an opportunity for recreation activities to be collaborated upon etc.
  • Encourage the growth of the recreation activities on campus to a broad and diverse audience
  • Hear concerns of the Duke recreation community and recommend appropriate action to the Executive Director of Recreation and Physical Education
  • Advise the Recreation staff as to changes in the interpretation of rules and policies governing specific recreational programs
  • Advise the Recreation staff of needed additions/improvements to recreational facilities
  • To promote the Work Smart, Play Well values of the Recreation and Physical Education Department in the member groups of the Council and by extension the broader Duke community

Interested in being a member?

Contact Tony Nader at anthony.nader@duke.edu