Train Like a Champion With TRX

If regular boot camp seems too tame, and your personal workouts aren’t yielding the results you want, try mixing things up with a TRX Boot Camp. TRX, also known as suspension training, offers a full body workout with an emphasis on core strength and stability.

Duke Personal Training is making a slight change to how TRX is offered to students and other gym members. Starting in July, TRX will be offered as a five-week, 10-session boot camp. The class size will be kept small, four to eight people, and the classes will progress steadily in difficulty throughout the five weeks.

“I am excited to see how people develop over the course of the class,” said TRX boot camp instructor Lisa Wright. “Initially we offered drop-in classes, just like our group fitness classes. But the boot camp approach makes people much more accountable. I think we’ll see great improvements in core strength as well as overall fitness.”

Duke started offering TRX in January of this year because suspension training has become a very popular style of workout at campus recreation departments and commercial gyms.

TRX Straps are hung above participants’ heads. During the class, participants will put either their hands or feet in the straps, depending on the exercise. One example might be an assisted squat in which the participant holds the strap handles and sits back into a one or two legged squat. Or a participant may put his or her feet in the straps to perform a suspended push up.

“I love teaching TRX,” Wright asserts. “Because of the vectoring, or the amount of angle you create, you can progress the same exercise from fairly easy to really challenging. This means people of different skill levels can comfortably take classes together and each can progress at his or her own pace.”

TRX boot camp classes will continuously be added to the schedule throughout the year. Upcoming classes are Monday and Wednesday nights at 6:30 PM from July 9 through August 8, Wednesday and Friday mornings at 7 AM from July 11 through August 10, and Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 6 PM from July 17 through August 16.

Classes must have a minimum of four people and a maximum of eight. The cost is $100 for the ten sessions over five weeks. It is a discounted rate from the initial offering which was $12 per class. Anyone who has unused punches on a three or ten punch pass can use those punches as a credit toward boot camp or drop into classes if space is available.

“Because the class sizes are small, we expect them to fill quickly,” Fitness Director Mary Ann Dobbins said. “We will be adding classes to best meet the students’ needs. So interested folks should check on-line frequently for updates.”

Duke Personal Training accepts check, credit card or flex for payment. Contact Mary Ann today to sign up for an upcoming class.

Upcoming Class Times:
September 4 – October 4
Tuesday and Thursday nights at 6 PM with Lynn

September 10 – October 10
Monday and Wednesday mornings at 8 AM with Alysia

September 24 – October 29 (no class on Monday, October 15 due to fall break)
Monday and Wednesday nights at 5:30 PM with David