Sport Clubs

The Duke University Sport Clubs Program offers its students 37 different Sport Clubs, many of which compete for National Championships each year. The clubs range from Ultimate Frisbee to Rugby to Sailing, and students are given ample opportunity to start new clubs if their interests are not served by the clubs already in existence. The clubs are funded by its memĀ­bers, Duke Student Government, and the Gorter Family, whose endowment makes many clubs able to compete at Regional or National levels.

The Sport Clubs Program is designed to provide opportunities for students with similar interests to participate in various sports or recreational activities. Each club is organized by students and is student run with assistance from the Director of Competitive Sports, Mike Forbes and the Sport Clubs Coordinator, Jeremey Fritz. Clubs are designed primarily for undergraduate students, but graduate students and faculty can participate with the approval of the club.

Below is a list of all 37 Sport Clubs, their websites, and dues. Clubs with dues noted with an asterisk offer alternative pricing for non-competitive or uniform membership that can be seen by clicking here. All dues are paid annually.

The Sport Clubs office is located in Wilson Center, Room 117.

Students! You may now pay your dues online. Click the amount shown under the “Dues” column to be redirected to pay through the DukeCard website.

Club Name Website Dues
Badminton Visit Website $100*
Baseball Visit Website $200
Cycling Visit Website $250*
Dancing Devils Visit Website $400
Equestrian Visit Website $400
Field Hockey Visit Website $150
Figure Skating Visit Website $250
Golf Visit Website $150
Ice Hockey Visit Website $500
Martial Arts Visit Website $175*
Men’s Basketball Visit Website $125
Men’s Rowing Visit Website $450
Men’s Lacrosse Visit Website $200
Men’s Rugby Visit Website $150
Men’s Soccer Visit Website $150
Men’s Tennis Visit Website $200
Men’s Ultimate Visit Website $200
Men’s Volleyball Visit Website $250
Men’s Water Polo Visit Website $200
Outing Visit Website $100
Raas Visit Website $300
Racquetball Visit Website $75
Running Visit Website $160*
Sailing Visit Website $300*
Ski & Snowboard Visit Website $400
Softball Visit Website $200
Squash Visit Website $150
Swimming Visit Website $100
Table Tennis Visit Website $125*
Triathlon Visit Website $200
Women’s Basketball Visit Website $175
Women’s Lacrosse Visit Website $200
Women’s Soccer Visit Website $150
Women’s Tennis Visit Website $200
Women’s Ultimate Visit Website $150
Women’s Volleyball Visit Website $200
Women’s Water Polo Visit Website $250

Duke University Sport Clubs dues range from $75 to $500 per year. The average of all dues for the 2013-2014 academic year is $214.

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