TRX Boot Camp

TRX Boot Camp

Duke Personal Training is excited to offer TRX Boot Camp workouts to students and faculty/staff members of the recreation centers. These workouts will challenge your core, build strength and flexibility throughout your body and can complement any training program.

We offer TRX Training in a Boot Camp format. Each session will be 5 weeks, 10 classes, for only $100. Only 4-8 students can be enrolled in any one session. Workouts will increase in intensity throughout the 5 weeks.

Summer 2014 Times & Dates

Mondays and Wednesdays -  May 19 to June 23  at  5:30 PM with David (no class Memorial Day)

Thursdays and Tuesdays – May 20 to June 19 at 6 PM with Lynn

Mondays and Wednesdays – May 28 to June 30 at 6:30 PM with Crystal

Advanced TRX Training

This even more challenging class is for  those who have completed a basic TRX training course here or at another fitness facility.  You must be in good physical condition and be able to move from standing to lying TRX positions with ease and speed.  Look for the next ADVANCED TRX class in July 2014.

*You MUST preregister for all TRX classes by contacting Mary Ann. Pre-payment with flex, check or credit card is required.

TRX is available in Wilson Gym only and classes are held on the ground floor, near the racquetball courts.

Private Small Group Sessions
We offer private small group sessions for $60. Contact Mary Ann to set up your personal sessions.