Personal Training Rates and Payment Options

Session Type Student Fee Employee Fee
Individual Session Master trainer:$45
Apprentice trainer:$30
Master trainer:$55
Apprentice Trainer:$40
Prepaid Package of 10
Individual Sessions
 $5 off per session  $5 off per session
Semi Private Training
(2-4 people)
$28/$23 $38/$33
Prepaid Package of 10
Semi-Private Sessions
 $230/$200  $330/$300
Pilates Training $55 $65
Prepaid Package of 10
Pilates sessions
Save $5 per session Save $5 per session
TRX Private Small Group $60 (2-4 students) $60 (2-4 employees)

Accepted forms of payment include a personal check made out to Duke University, Duke Card FLEX funds, or Visa/Mastercard. Please visit the DukeCard Office to learn how to add money to FLEX with cash, credit/debit, or a bursar charge.

Payment Policies:

  • All sessions must be purchased in advance. Payment will be collected at the beginning of the session.
  • Session and package payments are non-refundable but may be transferred.

Private Group Rates

Type Fee
Group Personal Training – Onsite $60/session
Group Personal Training – Offsite $80/session
Group Fitness Class – Onsite $30/class
Group Fitness Class – Offsite $45/class

Payment Options:

Groups can make payment with cash or check made out to Duke University or through a JV transfer.