The Outpost – Gear Rentals

Rental Requests

The Outpost is closed for rentals  through August 

Please click here to submit an on-line equipment rental request

Welcome to the Outpost, Duke’s go-to spot for the outdoor adventure enthusiasts! Located at the indoor climbing wall in Wilson Recreation Center, the Outpost offers outdoor rental equipment for checkout to Duke students, faculty/staff and affiliates. All equipment requests are made online and are granted on a first-come, first-served basis. Please allow at least 2 business days for your request to be processed. Once your request has been reviewed by our staff you will receive a rental confirmation email outlining the details of your rental.

Fall 2016 Hours:

Monday -Thursday: 4:00-10:00 PM
Friday: 3:00-8:00 PM
Sunday: 4:00-10:00 PM

Equipment Rates

Item 1-3 Days 4-7days
2-person $10 $15
4-person $12 $18
5XL-person $14 $20
Sleeping Bags:
Mummy Bag $6 $10
Fleece Bag $3 $6
Sleeping Pads:
Foam Pads $2 $5
2 Burner Stove
(fuel can be purchased at Outpost)
$8 $12
Cook Sets:
Small  $3 $5
Large $5 $7
All Sizes $8 $12
(Includes 1 set of batteries)
$4 $7
(Includes 1 set of batteries)
$3 $5
Camping Chairs:
Crazy Creek $3 $5
Rock Climbing Bouldering Pads:
Extra Large (5″) $10 $15
Large (3.5″) $8 $12
Ice Chests/Coolers:
Large (70 qt – 100 cans) $7 $10
Small (28 qt – 40 cans) $4 $7
Canoe (3 seater) $25 $45
Stand Up Paddleboard (11’4 & 10’4) $25 $45
Dry Bag (Small) $4 $7
Bear Keg:
$5 $7
  Medium Cooler (28 quarts) $4 $7
  Large Cooler (70 quarts) $7 $10

*Canoe and Paddleboard rentals include paddles and life jackets.
** OA will provide straps and pads to tie canoes and paddleboards to vehicles but it is the renters responsibility to porperly secure all paddling equipment for transportation.

Canister Fuel (for stoves) $5

Duke University assumes no responsibility for accidents or injuries resulting from the use of rented equipment.

Outdoor Equipment Rental Policies

Please read and understand the following Equipment Rental Program policies to ensure that your rental process runs smoothly

Duke University assumes no responsibility for accidents or injuries resulting from the use of rented equipment.

Payment must be paid in full at time of equipment pick up. We accept cash, check, or FLEX. Checks can be made payable to: Duke University. Returned checks will be assessed a $50 fee. No credit or refund will be issued for items not used or items returned early.

A $20 refundable deposit must be paid when equipment is picked up. The deposit must be made in cash or check. This deposit will be returned if all equipment is brought back clean, on time, and in good condition. The customer will forfeit the deposit if the equipment requires maintenance/repairs or excessive cleaning. If the cost of the damages exceeds $20, the renter will be assessed additional fees to cover the repairs.

All cancellations should be made at least two business days prior to the rental start date. If the Outpost is not notified two days prior (enough time to make the equipment available to other renters), a cancellation fee of $10 might be assessed. Cancellations can be made via e-mail at or phone at (919)684-0691.

If renting equipment for a group, the individual renting the equipment is responsible for all equipment and any possible fees. Equipment items should be picked up and returned all at once, not in shifts.

All equipment must be checked in with an Outdoor Adventures staff member during operating hours at the time specified on the rental agreement. Renters will be charged the 1-3 day rental rate for each item not returned between 1-3 days. After 3 days, the renter will be charged the 4-7 day rental rate for each item (in addition to the 1-3 day late fee). This will continue until the gear is returned. However, if the equipment is not returned within three weeks of the scheduled return due date, the renter will be charged full retail value of the item and shipping costs. Renters will be charged full retail value and shipping costs for any missing equipment.

Contact with any questions you may have.