Leadership Council Constitution

Duke University Recreation and Physical Education Leadership Council Constitution

The name of the organization shall be the Duke University Recreation and Physical Education Leadership Council.

The purpose of the Recreation Leadership Council is to provide students, faculty, staff, alumni, and other members an opportunity for involvement in programing and facility advisement.

The Council is charged with the responsibility to:
1. support the Duke Community in the promotion of their recreation pursuits and to
2. provide a venue for the discussion of recreational affairs and to
3. provide an opportunity for recreation activities to be collaborated upon etc. and to
4. encourage the growth of the recreation activities on campus to a broad and diverse audience and to
5. hear concerns of the Duke recreation community  and recommend appropriate action to the Executive Director of Recreation and Physical Education and to
6. advise the Recreation staff as to changes in the interpretation of rules and policies governing specific recreational programs and to
7. advise the Recreation staff of needed additions/improvements to recreational facilities;
8. to promote the Work Smart, Play Well values of the Recreation and Physical Education Department in the member groups of the Council and by extension the broader Duke community
9. to perform other duties as assigned by the Executive Director of Recreation and Physical Education

Sec. I Eligibility
a. This organization does not discriminate in the selection of members or appointments when discrimination is defined as denying individual membership or appointment on the basis of a person’s age, race, national origin, color, gender, sexual orientation, creed, campus affiliations, college, or disability.
b. All regularly enrolled Duke University students, faculty, staff, alumni, and other members are eligible for election/appointment provided they have paid their Recreation Fee.

Sec. II Method of Selecting Members
The Recreation Leadership Council is made of students, faculty,  staff, and, alumni selected from the organization/division they represent (i.e., Sport Clubs, Varsity Sports, Aquatics, Outing, Outpost, Intramurals, Greek life, Grad-Student, and DSG). Each of the members should have prior participation and involvement in the programs and services of Recreation. In addition to the student members, one member will be appointed to represent each of the following faculty/staff employment classifications: academic/administrative and managerial/professional. Any non-student members will serve the council in a purely advisory capacity, they will not have a vote in council proceedings.

Sec. III Executive Committee
Committee Chairs and Officers shall make up the Executive Committee. This committee shall meet prior to official scheduled meeting to discuss the order of business and report on progress and issues. Committee chairs shall be selected by the Executive Director of Recreation and Physical Education in conjunction with the Leadership Council Officers.

Article IV
Sec. I Listing of Officers
The officers of the Recreation Leadership Council shall be: President, Internal Vice President, External Vice President/Treasurer, and Secretary.

Sec. II Powers and Duties of Officers
The President is responsible for chairing Leadership Council meetings and shall represent the Leadership Council at functions and meetings of the University Administration and/ or other campus organizations when requested.

The Internal Vice President will fill in for the President at official Leadership Council functions in the absence of the President. He/she will recommend all committee assignments as well as supervise and report all committee work to the President.

The External Vice President/Treasurer will fill in for the President at external meetings such as with the Administration or CCA. He/she will keep permanent financial records, approve all expenditures, and initiate all fund raising projects.

The Secretary will be responsible for the minutes of each meeting, keeping records of each member’s attendance, and recording business as it is reported or provided at the Executive Committee meetings.

Sec. III Elections
a. Qualifications of Officers
It is recommended that officers have previous experience as members of the Recreation Leadership Council; however, it is not required. It is mandatory that the President have prior experience and membership in some aspect of Recreation and Physical Education.
b. Nominating Procedure
Candidates may self-nominate or be nominated from the floor.
c. Election of officers shall be done by secret ballot.
d. Term of Office
An officer shall serve a one-year term. Election of officers shall occur at the Leadership Council’s second regularly scheduled meeting of the Spring semester and the first official meeting of their Term shall be the second to last official meeting of the Spring semester.

Sec. IV Procedure to Fill Vacancies
Vacancies in office shall be filled by Executive Committee appointment.

Sec. V Impeachment Proceedings
A call for impeachment of an officer requires a formal hearing of the charges. Following the hearing an officer may be removed from office by a 2/3 vote of the Leadership Council.

Organizational Structure
Sec. I Executive Committee and Duties
The Executive Committee shall be comprised of the President, Internal and External Vice Presidents, Secretary and the Leadership Council Committee Chairs.

Sec. II Other Committees and Duties
Committees can be assembled or dismantled depending on need.  Some examples may include: Aquatics, Leadership Council Member Development; East/West Recreation; Facilities Management and Operations; Fitness and Wellness Services; Informal Recreation; Risk; Instructional Programming; Intramural Sports; Marketing, Promotion, and Publications; Outdoor Adventures; Sport Clubs and Special Programs. The President may appoint ad Hoc committees.

Ex Officio
The Executive Director of  Recreation and Physical Education will serve the Leadership Council as a non-voting ex officio member.

Rules of Procedure
Sec. I Attendance and Absences Policy
If a member has two consecutive unexcused absences the Executive Committee will review his/her status. Membership may be revoked only upon a 2/3 vote. JUST EMAIL!!!

Sec. II Frequency of Meetings
Meetings shall be held at least once a month. Meeting days and times will be established based on the avoidance of schedule conflicts of the members. Any member of the Executive Committee or any three members may call special meetings. Special meetings are not mandatory. The date and time of official meetings must be issued at least 14 days prior to the meeting.

Sec. III Quorum
One over fifty percent of the membership shall constitute a quorum. A quorum is necessary to conduct official business of the Leadership Council.

Sec. IV Minutes
Official minutes will be kept by the Secretary, copies will be distributed to Leadership Council members and all Recreation and Physical Education administrative and managerial/professional staff members. A copy of the minutes will also be posted in the Recreation Leadership Council display cases in Wilson and Brodie Recreation Centers.

Sec. V Use of Recognized Authority
Leadership Council members speak for themselves unless a statement of decision is approved by a vote of the Leadership Council.

Sec. I Dues, Membership Fees
No dues or membership fees shall be collected from the members.

Sec. II Alternate Funding
The funding for the Recreation and Physical Education Leadership Council shall be provided by the Office of Recreation and Physical Education, or by authorized fund raising projects.

Sec. III Organizational Moneys
Organizational moneys will be handled by the Executive Director of Recreation and Physical Education.

This constitution may be amended by a 2/3 vote of the Leadership Council at any regular meeting constituting a quorum. The proposed amendments shall be submitted in writing and read to the Leadership Council at a regularly scheduled meeting; the vote will be taken at the next meeting following the reading.