Sportsmanship Guidelines

Sportsmanship Guidelines

“Winning and losing are mere outcomes of play; negative sport behavior distracts and diminishes from the satisfaction of competing, exercising, and enhancing relationships and friendships”

Participation in Intramurals and Sportsmanship go hand-in-hand.  Good Sportsmanship is a key component of Intramurals; participants and teams are encouraged to act with proper conduct and approach an Intramural contest in a civil and sportsmanlike manner for its duration.  Intramurals Supervisors, Officials, and Administrative Staff reserve the right in making decisions to warn, penalize, grade, and/or eject participants and/or teams for poor sportsmanship.

Captains for intramural teams are responsible for the actions and decisions of their team and spectators directly related to their team, and are expected to assist in maintaining a level of good sportsmanship amongst their teammates during the course of an intramural contest.

Conduct of players and/or spectators before, during, and after a game are all directly related to the overall sportsmanship presented by a team and its players, and are held responsible for their conduct during this time.

Following each game teams will be rated on their overall sportsmanship for that contest based on the evaluation of the officials and supervisors working the game.  Sportsmanship ratings can affect a team’s overall ranking within a league, determine their playoff eligibility, and/or affect their status within a sport that could result in forfeiture, suspension or removal.

Review the Sportsmanship Guidelines for further information.