Sports Rules

Groups of Play

All Intramural sports offer leagues for both males and females; leagues and sports are not gender specific unless otherwise noted.  Co-Ed Leagues are offered in the majority of sports and when the number of entries allows for a league to be created.  Women’s Leagues are also created for certain sports and when the number of entries allows for a league creation.

Additionally, Groups of Play are created to meet the skill levels of teams and their participants, and only created for certain sports as the number of entries allows.  The Groups of Play are as follows:

Competitive Leagues and/or Divisions are for the more experienced player and/or teams who desire recreation at a more competitive level; such leagues generally are for former athletes or those experienced and skilled in the sport of choice.

Intermediate Leagues are only available in selective sports such as Basketball, Soccer, Flag Football, Volleyball, and Indoor Soccer.  Intermediate Leagues are for teams and players that fall somewhere in between competitive and recreational; such leagues generally are for teams who may have a mixture of experienced and moderately or lesser experienced players.

Recreational Leagues are designed for the less experienced participant who wishes to play at a less competitive level.  This league is generally for players with less experience and a lower skill level in the sport of choice.

Sport Minimum Roster Numbers Maximum Number of Championship
Flag Football 7 15 Rules
Co-Ed Flag Football 8 (minimum of 4 each gender) 15 Rules
Soccer (11 A-Side) 11 18 Rules
Co-Ed 7 A-Side Soccer 7 (minimum of 3 each gender) 14 Rules
1st Year 7 A-Side Soccer 7 14 Rules
Volleyball 6 12 Rules
Co-Ed Volleyball 6 (minimum of 3 each gender) 12 Rules
Basketball 5 12 Rules
Co-Ed Basketball 5 (minimum of 3 females) 12 Rules
Indoor Soccer 6 12 Rules
Softball 9 16 Rules
Co-Ed Softball 9 (minimum of 4 females) 16 Rules
Summer 3-on-3 Basketball 3 6 Rules
Summer 7 A-Side Soccer 7 14 Rules