Forfeits, Defaults, and Rescheduling Policies

Forfeits, Defaults, and Rescheduling Policies

Communication with the Intramural Office is key when it comes to the difference between a forfeit and a default being given to a team. When a team fails to show for a scheduled game with no communication to the Intramural Office it becomes an inconvenience to not only their opponent but also the Intramural staff of officials and supervisors who have to be paid for their time when working these scheduled games. Informing the Intramural Office that your team will not be able to attend a scheduled contest helps insure that the opponent will be informed, and valuable playing time and facility space is not wasted.

Informing the Intramural Office as soon as a team knows they will be unable to play is vastly appreciated. Although, teams have until 12 hours prior to the scheduled game time to inform the Intramural Office of their inability to attend a contest and avoid a forfeit being assessed. The 12 hour notification point gives the Intramural Office an adequate amount of time to inform opponents so that they may also have time to receive the message and inform their team that a game is canceled. In these cases, the opportunity for games to be rescheduled is a possibility, but becomes very difficult due to the large amount of games already being scheduled for a sport season and is also up to the discretion of the other team. If a game in this situation cannot be rescheduled the team that could not make the originally scheduled date and time will be assessed a default for the game.

The major difference between a forfeit and default being given is that forfeits will not be considered for rescheduling, and can lead to a team’s removal from league play if multiple forfeits become an issue. Furthermore, because defaulted games are still an unfair inconvenience, you are at the mercy of the opposing team; they will have the option of either taking the win by default or agreeing to a rescheduling attempt.

Teams can help to avoid forfeits and defaults by setting their Time Preferences prior to the season.

For further information please review Forfeits, Defaults, & Rescheduling Policy.