• Intramural Sports is open to all students, faculty & staff, and spouses of Duke affiliated personnel as long as the participant is a paid member of the recreation facilities and holds a current Duke ID card.

• Participants may not play on more than one team per sport unless one of those teams is registered within a Coed League.

• All participants playing for a team must be on a team’s roster prior to the game. Roster additions can be made daily and players are eligible to play if added before 4pm of that game night. Players not on the game sheet may be added pending approval by the Intramural Supervisor.

• All participants must show a current Duke ID prior to game time.

• Any player caught claiming a false ID will be suspended for that game and their next scheduled contest.  A second infraction will result in a player being suspended for the remainder of that season from all Intramural sports.

• The Intramural Program reserves the right to investigate the eligibility of all participants. If a player is deemed ineligible this may result in forfeiture of games and/or suspension or removal of a team and/or its participants. Participants are encouraged to notify the Intramural Office and submit a protest concerning possible ineligible participants.