• Intramurals is open to all students, faculty & staff, and spouses of Duke affiliated personnel as long as the participant is a paid member of the recreation facilities and holds a current Duke ID card.

• Participants may not play on more than one team per sport unless one of those teams is in a Co-Ed League offered within that sport.

• All participants playing for a team must be on a team’s roster prior to the game. Roster additions can be made daily and players are eligible to play if added before 4:00pm of that game night. Players not on the game sheet may be added by hand by the Intramural Supervisors, but the team risks forfeiting the game if that player is not on the roster on IMLeagues or did not join before 4:00pm.

• All participants must show a picture ID prior to game time when checking in to the Intramural Supervisor(s) on staff. Any late arrival participants must also sign in and present a picture ID prior to entering the game.

• Any player caught claiming a false ID will be suspended for that game and their next scheduled context.  Any second infraction on using a false ID will result in a player being suspended for the remainder of that season from all Intramural sports. Any player using an ID of another person or any player allowing another person to use their ID to falsely claim themselves as that participant is illegal, and risk not only forfeiting their season, but also the player who’s identification was attempted to be used.

• The Intramural Program reserves the right to investigate the eligibility of all participants. If a player is deemed ineligible this may result in forfeiture of games and/or suspension or removal of a team and/or its participants.

• Participants are encouraged to notify the Intramural Office and submit a protest concerning possible ineligible participants.

Classification Eligibility


Anyone who is currently enrolled at Duke University receiving credit for courses; is classified as a 1st year student, sophomore, junior or senior; and holds a valid Duke ID card.


Any student currently enrolled in graduate level courses at Duke University and holds a valid Duke ID card. Any exceptions to the above must be discussed and handled by the Intramural Office.


In order for team and participants to play in a Fraternity League the team and its participants must be current and active members of the Inter-Fraternity Council, currently enrolled at Duke University, and hold a valid Duke ID card.

Faculty/Staff and Spouses

Faculty and Staff include those who are employed by Duke University as either full-time or part-time. All Faculty and Staff must have a valid Duke ID card and have access and paid membership for the recreational and gym facilities to participate in Intramurals. Spouses of Faculty/Staff or currently enrolled students of Duke University may also participate in Intramurals, but must also have a valid Duke ID card, and access and paid membership for use of the recreational and gym facilities.