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Spring 2017


Registration Opens/Closes Season
January 9/January 23 (midnight) Season: January 26 – April 6
Games on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday nights

Co-ed 7v7 Soccer

Registration Opens/Closes Season
January 9/January 23 Season: January 30 – March 8
Games on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday nights

11 v 11 Soccer Challenge

Registration Opens/Closes Season
January 9/January 23 Regular Season: January 29 – February 19
Games on Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday nights


Registration Opens/Closes Season
January 17/January 31 Regular Season: February 6 – April 5
Games on Monday & Wednesday nights


Registration Opens/Closes Season
January 17/February 7 Regular Season: February 17 – April 13
Games on Tuesday & Thursday nights


Registration Opens/Closes Season
January 30/February 13 Regular Season: February 19 – April 25
Games on Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday nights

7 v 7 Soccer

Registration Opens/Closes Season
February 20/March 6 Regular Season: March 20 – April 24
Games on Monday, Wednesday & Sunday nights

First-Year Challenge
The First Year Challenge (FYC) is a series of events put on exclusively for First Year students where any they can come and participate in an activity that we offer and have the opportunity to meet new people. FREE!

Dates: Fridays at 5:00 PM on the following dates: February 3; March 3; April 7; April 14
Location: East Campus

Indoor Climbing League
Put together a team and compete to be the top team in the league! Scoring will be based on progress, so a team is more successful pending their improvement throughout the league, instead of how hard they climb. Our scoring system will allow for beginner and advanced climbers to compete together. 16 teams of 4 climbers will compete weekly, teams can climb anytime during the week, but all 4 climbers must be present to report their weekly scores.
>>Details here