Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m an employee of Duke University, can I play Intramurals?

A: Yes, you can; as long as you are a current member of the Duke Recreational Facilities/Gyms and paid the current recreational fee.

Q: Are spouses of employees or current students allowed to play Intramurals?

A: Yes, spouses of Duke employees or current Duke students are allowed to play intramurals, BUT only if they are current members of the Duke Recreational Facilities/Gyms, paid the current recreational fee, and have a Duke ID Card that gives them access to the recreational facilities/gyms.

Q: When I try to join a team I’m being told my SID (or student ID) number is incorrect?

A: Student ID’s are pre-uploaded prior to the season to the IMLeagues system; it is not uncommon that many students, employees, and spouses were left off this list for a number of reasons. What this means is that if you were not on the list, then the system will tell you that your SID is incorrect. Contact your school administrator for assistance (, informing them about the situation above, and providing both your name and 7-digit Unique ID number located on the back of your student ID card.

Q: Can I join more than one team in the same sport?

A: Participants can only play for more than one team in the event that one of those teams is within a Co-Ed League. Participants cannot play on more than one team within the same division, league, or general league classification (Graduate, Fraternity, Undergraduate, 1st Year, etc.). Participants also cannot play for one team in the Competitive Leagues and one team in the Recreational Leagues.

Q: How do I leave my current team or change teams?

A: When joining a team, players can leave that team to play for another, but must contact the Intramural Office in order to proceed. Players will only be removed upon request giving them the opportunity to join another team of their choice.  Players will not be allowed to continuously switch from team to team to increase playing opportunities.