Specialty Classes & Events

Specialty Classes and Events

Girl Power

Duke Personal Training offers Girl Power, a small group training class for women who want to learn proper lifts and progressions in the weight room. No five pound dumbbell curls and endless crunches, this class is for women who are serious about getting strong and being confident in any weight room. Led by Master Trainer and Duke PE Instructor, Jeremiah Horne, participants will get individualized instruction throughout the four week course. >>>Click here to learn more Girl Power

Summer 2016! Brodie Boot Camp

June 7-30, 2016
Tuesdays & Thursdays at 6 AM with Leigh Ann*
Tuesdays & Thursdays at 6 PM with Blake

Fee: $50 for all 8 sessions / $10 per sessions for drop in
*Please note that Brodie does not open until 7am so this bootcamp will be held outside at all times and if weather does not permit it will be cancelled/rescheduled.  No access to the building will be allowed until the end of the session!

Registration: To register contact dukefitness@duaa.duke.edu

DON’T FORGET: We also offer TRX (suspension training) boot camps throughout the school year. Information about TRX is on the TRX Training page. Contact The Duke Fitness Team to register.