Private Pilates Training Puts the Focus on You

Down a quiet hall in Brodie is a small, private room where Pilates Personal Trainers offer workouts specifically focused on their individual clients. A wide range of people have been drawn to Pilates for years because it offers a unique combination of core conditioning, flexibility training and functional strength. Plus, because it is private, the studio offers a less self-conscious, more relaxed venue to exercise.

“Each session is tailored to the individual,” trainer Nicola Bullock notes. “Learning Pilates helps improve posture, strength, balance and range of motion. The work you do within the Private Pilates session translates into more functional movement outside the session – from sport performance to sitting better at a computer, from using your body smarter to enjoying your body more.”

Private Pilates is an excellent step up for those who enjoy the group Pilates classes. The one-on-one nature of the session allows trainers to have eyes and ears on their client at all times, helping making small adjustments to improve the outcome of the work. Private Pilates is also a great choice for someone who wants to add a challenge to their current conditioning program. College and professional athletes have been turning to Pilates for years for flexibility and injury rehab as well as strengthening.

In the Mind/Body Studio at Duke, our trainers use two machines, the Reformer and the Chair, to challenge and support the movement. Though there is a fee for this individual attention, clients agree that it is worth the monetary investment.

“It is the best thing I’ve done for my health – ever,” says client Chrissy Beck. “It is the perfect combination of strengthening and stretching.”

Beck says her body is as strong as it has ever been and that people have noticed the change in her posture, carriage and overall health.

Fitness Director Mary Ann Dobbins believes that Private Pilates training fills a fitness niche for Duke students, faculty and staff.

“It offers a way for people to work hard, under the supervision of the trainer, but without the attention of the other gym goers,” Dobbins notes. “The privacy allows you to relax and focus on your body without the distractions one might normally have in the open gym setting.”

During March, Duke Personal Training will take 10% off the first session for anyone who wants to give Pilates a try. Students and faculty/staff members can simply fill out the “schedule an appointment” page on the website and indicate they would like a “Pilates” trainer.

“I would recommend Private Pilates to everyone,” Bullock adds. “Whether you’re looking for a tush-kicking, or a relaxing way of getting more in touch with your body, or you would like to improve your sports-skills, or just want a break from the grind and thumping music of the gym floor, Private Pilates can help you move towards your goals while having fun!”