Josh Britton: April Employee of the Month

This is Josh Britton’s first year with Intramurals and he holds one of the supervisor positions. Josh is a first year grad student at the Divinity School. Josh cares about his role; he is not someone to just sit out and relax at one of our game sites and collect a paycheck. Josh provides insight to all our sports that he works. Josh has taken it upon himself to schedule meetings with Matt Holdren, the Intramural Coordinator, and has provided suggestions and reports on what he sees and what could possibly help improve the program both from his own opinion and from speaking with the actual participants. Furthermore, Josh has been the most punctual of our staff and has assisted in several training sessions. Josh takes it upon himself to not only get involved with training but also will take on any task asked of him. Josh takes his job very seriously and looks at it as an opportunity to help the Intramural program improve and develop into something even greater.