Informal Recreation

Informal Recreation

What is Informal Recreation?

Informal Recreation is the voluntary and unstructured use of a range of recreational activities. These opportunities include access to the Brodie and Wilson Recreation Centers along with the Pascal Field House. Reservations are generally needed for specific indoor and outdoor spaces with the exception of the Wilson basketball courts.

With Informal Recreation, there are no guarantees space will be available for use or the facility will be accessible.

Who is eligible to participate?

Recreation facilities are available to all currently enrolled Duke students, faculty, staff and alumni. Guests with a photo ID are eligible to participate when sponsored by a current member for an additional cost through the member’s flex account.

What activities are available?

Activities include badminton, basketball, cardio training, dance/aerobics, field sports, jogging, indoor and outdoor soccer, racquetball, squash, swimming, table tennis, TV games, volleyball, weight training and conditioning.

Exceptions to the schedule:

Operating hours are subject to change to accommodate sporting events academic classes, recreational programs, maintenance projects, university holidays and special events.