Hours of Operation

  1. Mon8/3Open 5:30am - 10pm
  2. Tue8/4Open 5:30am - 10pm
  3. Wed8/5Open 5:30am - 10pm
  4. Thu8/6Open 5:30am - 10pm
  5. Fri8/7Open 5:30am - 10pm
  6. Sat8/8Open 9am - 10pm
  7. Sun8/9Open 9am - 10pm

Card Gym is located on West Campus next to the Wilson Center across from Cameron. This building opened in 1955 and is the practice facility for women’s basketball, volleyball, club sports and is the site to the ACC annual varsity Fencing Tournament.

The facility houses 2 basketball/volleyball wood floor courts and 6 badminton courts.