Kaitlyn Batt – Employee of the Month

Kaitlyn Batt is the Aquatic Department’s employee of the month for many reasons.  She has been an extremely dedicated member of our staff for over 3 years.  Kaitlyn is one of our guards and swim instructors.  She is regularly commented on by her clients as being “So patient with me.”  Another instructor said, “I saw her swimming laps before our lesson and she is so good!  Kaitlyn can swim so well and then turn around and spend time teaching me to blow bubbles and float on my back.  She is wonderful!”

Kaitlyn regularly gets requested by incoming clients who have been referred to our program by current clients.  Recommendations from current clients is a sure sign of our instructor doing an outstanding job.  She has also taken on the job of mentoring some of our new instructors, allowing them to shadow her during her lessons and then taking time after to answer any questions the newbies have.

She has also had to be in the unfortunate situation of observing other guards while on duty not doing the job assigned and not in the best interest of our patrons.  Reporting the incident to senior staff in an appropriate and quick time.  Having such commitment is

Kaitlyn will be leaving us in May, after graduation.  She will be a VERY hard team member to replace.  She is wonderful with so many aspects of our department and truly has a passion for sharing aquatics with others.

Bonnie Adams, Aquatics Coordinator