Drop and Give Me Twenty!

If you need a little push to get into shape this summer, join Duke Personal Training for Summer School Boot Camp. In this high intensity class, your drill sergeant will challenge you with cardio intervals as well as fun but tough strength training work.

Summer School Boot Camp takes place Monday and Wednesday nights at 6 PM starting on May 16. Classes will meet on the K-Ville lawn, on the indoor track, or in the Wilson Cardio area or Weight room. Workouts will be varied, but all will be challenging. There will be eight session of the boot camp, running thru June 13.

“You will be pushed to give max effort,” asserts trainer Claire Ober, “but since everyone in the group will be struggling with you, you’ll feel supported.”

Summer School Boot Camp will give participants the expertise and motivation of a personal trainer, at a fraction of the cost. The class is only $40 for all 8 sessions or $8 each class to drop in. And anyone who comes to six or more sessions will receive an “I survived Duke Personal Training boot camp” t-shirt.

To pre-register, contact Mary Ann. Registration will be limited to 12 participants.

“Our trainers are always looking for new ways to pull great results from participants,” says Fitness Director Mary Ann Dobbins. “and you really can’t beat the price – only $5 per class if you come to all eight!”